Karin Keller-Sutter (54, FDP) must not Department of to the Economy (WBF). You must in the justice and police Department prove. According to the seniority principle, they had as fresh in the Federal Council Elected the last to claim to be a Ministry to collect.

Because after this seniority principle, a Federal Council, the longer it sits in the government can choose, the sooner a Department. So strictly this is not handled. The previous and the newly elected Federal councillors to discuss the allocation of ministries.

fighter jet

lined up On Friday they could not agree on the Department of procurement. Over the weekend, the telephone wires ran between the members of the government hot. And yesterday, Monday, the Federal Council again discussed intensively.

the reason for this was, according to the VIEW information that the Minister of defense, Guy Parmelin (59) get rid of his defense Department (VBS) and the Department of economic Affairs, education and research (eaer). And that he knew not only his party colleague Ueli Maurer, (68) on his side, but apparently, the FDP foreign Minister, Ignazio Cassis (57).

Parmelin is only three years in the defense Department. He was in the process of the purchase of new fighter jets, a lift, quiet and is incorporated. In the Bundesrat, there were apparently several people who found that he should bring the business to an end.

Cassis is not Together jumped against the left

That, to all appearances, his party friend to the side, some irritated. Finally, the Minister of economic Affairs also has a say in the Europe of the question because of the accompanying measures is a weighty word. With Karin Keller-Sutter (54), in WBF, the FDP would have had in the EU-Dossier is an attractive Duo in the race.

Parmelin should, however, be as SVPler in Europe-Dossier more of a brakeman. The reason for his strong will is not likely to be that he’s trying to promote the Swiss economic relations and in the WBF design, but rather that he had from the VBS enough.

The Shot is stopped

Keller-Sutter is interconnected in the economy. It is not suspected to be a Leftist and is considered to be constructive. As a Councillor she has shown that she can set up compromises. You had expected to be able to get the trade unions to the framework agreement with the EU back to the negotiating table.

Also speaks PPS, such as Keller-Sutter in Bern is called in several foreign languages. Parmelin said yesterday that he of the English was only “passive” powerful.

PPS had made Cassis and the outgoing Economics Minister Johann Schneider-Ammann (66) responsible for the fact that it came in the framework agreement to a break with the trade unions. The support Parmelins can be thought of as a tit-for-tat seen In the WBF PPS would have to be Shot in Europe dossier, but now she has to take care of what has rerailed predecessor Simonetta Sommaruga (58) in the Department of justice.

The WBF is next to the Outer – and the Department of justice, the EU’s main Ministry. It is responsible for the accompanying measures. If the framework agreement is to have a Chance
have to get the new Department chief Guy-Parmelin (59), the social partners in the boat. Parmelin, the upper boss on the free trade agreement. With Vietnam, India and Malaysia negotiations are in progress. But he would also start negotiations with the United States.

As a VBS Director needs to guarantee Viola Amherd (56), our air defence. It is to be concerned for the 8 billion francs of new fighter jets and ground-to-air missiles. Especially to the Jets, they will be measured. In the implementation phase of the army reform is in addition WEA. This has been able to mobilize the aim of the parts of the troop quickly. This 18’000 recruits per year are needed. Amherd the recruitment needs to solve problems, with the help of the army.

The asylum reform with the rapid asylum procedure is on course. On the suppression of terrorism, preventive measures need to be taken: The police should be allowed to make people without a criminal under house arrest, if you have a terrorist danger. Minister of justice, Karin Keller-Sutter (54) will have to ride in addition to the voting campaign for stricter weapons law. The boundary Initiative is the free movement of persons remains a key Department issue.

Here it is, the energy strategy to implement. The new Detec-Boss, Simonetta Sommaruga (58) will accompany the Dismantling of the first NUCLEAR power plant. The largest environmental projects is the Revision of the CO2 act. By 2030, emissions should be halved by the greenhouse gases compared to 1990. The necessary increase in the price of gasoline and heating oil is a nasty piece of political work. In the Detec of the restructuring of the post office are also in the network, and the partial privatization of Postfinance.