Casinos in Macau will be closed for two weeks to contain the spread of coronavirus

the authorities of Macau, the world’s largest gambling center, was asked of all casino operators to suspend operations for two weeks to contain the spread of the novel coronavirus, according to Reuters.

a Special administrative region of China reported 10 confirmed cases of the virus and the severe restrictions on entry and exit from mainland China.

Residents were advised to wear masks during trips around town and to stay at home as long as possible.

the Imminent closure of the casino will occur shortly after the New year according to the lunar calendar.

the Influx of visitors to Macau from mainland China during the new year holidays decreased by 83.3%, according to data of the Department of tourism of the Macau government. This was a serious blow to casino operators.

during the holiday period when millions of Chinese are traveling and make purchases revenues from Macau casino usually increase due to the influx of tourists.

Gross income from gambling in Macau in December declined by 13.7% yoy and made up of 22.84 billion patacas ($2.85 billion), according to data of Bureau for control and coordination in the field of gambling.

In 2019, in General, gross income from gambling amounted to 292,5 billion patacas, which is 3.4% lower than a year earlier.