For a few hours there has been a nationwide disruption in the processing of card payments. A few supermarkets, discounters and retailers throughout Germany are affected.

As several retailers report on social networks, customers in many places cannot currently pay with EC or bank cards. Credit cards are also affected.

According to information from FOCUS Online, branches of Netto Marken-Discount, Edeka and individual Rewe branches are particularly affected. But there are also isolated failures at Aldi Süd, Aldi Nord, Rossmann and dm.

The consumer retail chain from Dresden writes on Facebook “Caution, an important note for you! Due to a Germany-wide disruption, card payment is currently not possible in our stores.”

It is unclear how long the disruption will last. FOCUS Online advises: If you don’t have any cash with you and want to shop, clarify in advance at the checkout whether card payments are possible or not. You save yourself long queues and trouble.

The “Alle” page also reports an increased number of fault reports from the card provider Visa and from various banks. These come from numerous places in Germany.

The messages are mainly given when paying, users seem to be able to withdraw money from machines. This means that affected customers would at least not be completely cut off from access to money.

More information coming soon on FOCUS Online.

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