tested cars in Europe to your safety, there are precise specifications for the used doll: she is 1,77 tall and 75 kilos. The doll has the mass of an average man. This has fatal consequences: women in the drive – a 1.5-to 3 accidents-times greater risk for whiplash than men, as studies show.

The European research project “Virtual” wants to fix this one-sidedness, and the first model of a woman for virtual road safety test develop. A prototype of a physical female Dummy was developed in 2013 in a different project. Or more developed, the industry has not used the model so far. Instead, to be used in the Tests is still smaller versions of the Standard-dummies, in order to simulate accidents with women.

This is problematic, because: “The smaller Dummy is not equivalent to the female part of the population, but a 12-Year-old,” says Astrid Linder of the Swedish transport research Institute, VTI. She is an engineer and is head of the project “Virtual”: it is, however, not to physical dummies, but mathematical people models for virtual Tests, which are much more detailed than the dolls made of plastic and metal.

Overweight and older people are not yet

takes into account Virtual testing are still far from to be the law standard, but could come in a few years at private test stations to use, says Markus Muser, Manager of the Swiss working group for accident mechanics (AGU), which is also involved in “Virtual”. The people models are advanced this far, he explains.

The models of “Virtual” and should, however, not only the female body virtually simulate: “The only Problem is that in today’s Tests, the women are omitted. It is also a restriction on an athletic man.” There are hundreds of types of Persons, such as obese or elderly people that you do not consider. The models will eventually be available as Open Source Code made available.

in order for the models to be used really, it needs new Laws, says Astrid Linder: “If the rule dictates the work that a male Dummy is to be used, do the company of course.” By 2030, she hopes, will contain the specifications as well as female models.

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