Interviewed in July this year, more than 1.6 thousand corporate clients on plans for the purchase of transport analysts have found that to renew the fleet during this year as a whole, collected 19% of companies, which is only 1% lower than last year. While 68% intend to purchase a passenger car (-1% compared to last year), 33% – truck (+2% compared to last year), 6% in machinery (+1,5%), 3% were undecided about the type of vehicle. The participants of the survey are not planning to purchase buses. Last year for this vehicle type accounted for 2%. The amount of more than 100% as respondents could choose several answers.

“All this suggests that the economy is recovering, but passenger transport is most affected by the pandemic are in a very difficult situation”, – analysts said the Carcade. The company also pointed to a deterioration in the current financial situation of carriers. “Of course, the quarantine affected the creditworthiness of lessees, but most of them do not have to resort to leasing vacation, and was limited to offset payments in time originally allowed by the contract,” – said “RG” Director General of the company Dmitry Chernyshev.

from March to may this year the company leasing vacation turned about 500 customers who have said about the sharp decline in turnover, he said. It turned out that 75% of the applicants was not necessary in the holidays, was more of a need for consulting support and the use of temporary instruments for hedging.

In General, the leasing market finished the year 2020 a slight drop, in the best case – zero growth. However, compared to other sectors of the economy, this result will look great success, said Chernyshev. “The observed growth of the market in June and July is primarily the result of the accumulation of deferred demand for the period of quarantine, when the spring leasing application and intentions are converted into contracts,” he said. In August, most likely, this growth will not be, and in September-October all will depend on the direction of the economy. “If it will give entrepreneurs hope for the best, fall will begin a new season update the fleet,” – said Chernyshev.

The state-owned leasing company gtlk confirmed “RG” the decline in demand for vehicles and leasing. In the first half of 2020, the demand decreased on average by 10-20% depending on the segment. Thus, by 2020, the STLC is the executor of the activities within the framework of the national project “Safe and quality road” to update the fleet of public passenger transport. In 2020 to participate in the program selected 12 urban agglomerations, leasing contracts for the delivery of new NEFAZ buses and LIAZ have already been signed with most of the regions.

But some of the clients treated in the STLC for the restructuring of the leasing contracts in the first half of 2020, acknowledged in the company. Almost all applications for restructuring that have been associated with incurred by the customer due to the objective difficulties of a pandemic of mers have been satisfied, noted in a press-service.

As explained “RG” the Vice-President of the Russian motor transportation Union Valery Alekseev, the amount of regular transportation in the summer is traditionally reduced, and the money the carriers earn in the fall or spring. But the fall in passenger numbers because of the pandemic, virtually no region, except for Moscow, did not compensate carriers ‘ shortfalls in income. Because of the transport company got debts now and do not have the ability to update the Park. “Nobody wants to go into debt. It is unclear what will happen in the fall, there is talk of a second wave of coronavirus and the new restrictions. Carriers take into account these risks,” – said Alekseev.