Carole Curty (29) is back from the US with new music in the Luggage! Their current Single, “Evergreen” has taken the singer from small-bösingen FR in the musician Mecca of Nashville. At the end of June Curty from the British Star producers Nick Howard (37) had received an invitation in the “Music City”. She could hardly believe her good fortune. To may “in this legendary place to record Songs, is a genuine accolade for any singer,” she enthused in the VIEW.

in mid-July, the former “The Voice of Germany”-a candidate for two weeks in the Country-a metropolis in the South of the USA flew to be with Howard, their first EP record. “The energy of this city has me inspired,” says Curty. “Anywhere music is played, it flows like blood through the veins of this city.” No wonder the primary school teacher felt so inspired that she recorded for their EP more Songs than originally planned. “I couldn’t stop writing Songs, and refining,” said Curty. The five Songs are created, composed, all of you and Howard together.

in addition to the work of the happy Single woman in Nashville, it is also time for Private had: “I met a lot of musicians, ate the best Hamburger of the city – only the matching cowboy hat that I originally wanted to buy, I have in the Shop are. My new friends from Nashville told me that only tourists would buy,” says Curty, laughing.