A scandal of Hazzard: The Carol Fernandez (33), one of the most successful Djane of Switzerland said. Exactly a year ago that Will caused your Video to the ballad “You Never Know” is a scandal. The music channel MTV refused to Fernandez’ Clip, because the content was too explicit.

“The Video is about a young woman who wants to marry, but shortly before the wedding with her best friend in bed lands,” explains Fernandez. “Then she’s suddenly not sure whether you want marriage to your groom, actually, it does finally, but nevertheless.”

“I had to tell the Story of women”

MTV was hot in this story. “You had trouble that the young girl has Sex before marriage and that too with a woman”, the from Berne, the thought in the dream of it, to censor your Video. On the contrary: Now Fernandez is turning a sequel to your scandal-Video: “The love story between the two women let go of me,” she says. “I also got a lot of feedback from Fans who found it a pity that the bride-to-be had decided, in spite of the Doubts for the man, you wanted to see the two women together. So I had to tell their Story more.”

The Italo-Spaniard does not want to tell anything from the Video, only so much: “The married woman can be divorced and on to her best friend that she has before the wedding, a hot night of love spent.” The Fans can hope for a Happy ending between the two women, explains the musician, who has already made itself a romantic experience with women. “I’m falling in love with the person, not the gender,” says Fernandez.

Video, this Time in Ibiza, rotated

Produced their new music video for “A Thought in your Mind” as the predecessor of Marlon Peña (46), of, among other things, also for the Videos of the Latin-American Superstars Daddy Yankee (42) is responsible. Was filmed in the 40’000 Swiss francs, expensive Video, the 25. November appears, with the same Actresses as in the first part. This time, not in Venezuela, but on the island of Ibiza (Spain).

Whether MTV Carole Fernandez’ new Video rejects again, not interested in the DJ: “If you want to be a prude, to you.”