Carnival will not: coronavirus is coming to Europe with the Italian North

In the Veneto from Covid-19 on Friday died on 78-year-old man (he was diagnosed). In Lombardy died, 77-year-old woman, but about the presence of the virus it became clear only on the results of the autopsy. Coronavirus has claimed in the hospital of Crema life of one middle-aged woman, suffering from cancer. On Monday, media reported about a fourth of the deaths in Lombardy – died 84-year-old man.

It is in the Lombard province of Lodi, was hospitalized on February 21, 38-year-old Italian, reported breathing problems. In this patient, his pregnant wife and girl friend coronavirus tests were positive. Three more cases were confirmed on the same day after the patients reported symptoms of pneumonia. After these cases began the inspection and testing of all people who may have been in contact with infected.

the Vast majority of cases of infection with coronavirus in Italy were recorded in Lombardy (160), in second place is the Veneto region (more than 20). More than a dozen towns in these regions were closed on quarantine, residents are urged not to leave the house to travel there without special permission is prohibited. Violation of the prohibition is fraught with fines. In schools canceled classes, closed museums, the ban consuls and sporting events and even Church services.

the Shelves rapidly emptying – to the extent that, as under the quarantine and rushing to the supermarket residents snapping up food and other necessities. The deficit turned out to be latex gloves and disinfectant hand gels.

Suspended work “La Scala”. At the Milan fashion week fashion show Giorgio Armani decided to spend behind closed doors, without spectators – for their own safety. The passage of the models on the catwalk can be observed live through the Internet. Suffered from a coronavirus, and the famous Venetian carnival – the authorities canceled two of his last day. Football fans too are not lucky sediments occurred duringn the championship match of Italian football (Serie A). Italian Federation of winter sports has canceled a number of competitions in the regions where cases of coronavirus.

the head of the Veneto, Luca Cordero Jaya says that during his long career has faced numerous natural disasters, including floods and earthquakes, but all of this pales in comparison to the current crisis: “This is the worst problem faced by the Veneto region”.

Fallen under the heel of coronavirus regions – Lombardy and Veneto – one of the pillars of the economy and financial stability of Italy. It is not surprising that, against this backdrop, Italian stocks are falling in price. Meanwhile, there are reports of new cases of coronavirus in other parts of the country – for example, in the popular tourist Emilia-Romagna.

will it be Possible to keep with measures coronavirus in check? Moreover, the question of how Italy broke out this infection, remains unclear. While not too obvious that cases of contact with people arriving from Asia. Although there are reports that the first cases in Italy was a 38-year-old woman who returned on January 21 from China at the same time it was not noticed symptoms, she was isolated. Anyway, the Italian health no clear understanding of who was “patient zero”, which began with the spread of the virus. And that might mean that the virus is more widespread than it seems.

“what happened in Italy – a case from the textbook when one or more people become infected and those who arrive from the scene of the epidemic, and then there are secondary infections with the same incubation time,” explains Walter Riccardi, member of the Executive Board of the world health organization.

And given the transparency of the European borders, there is another question: “And will not apply if the coronavirus in the neighboring countries of Europe and on the continent?” EU allocates € 230 million to fight the coronavirus. And in General, the European institutions are urged not to panic. However, after these appeals have been cases of suspension of railway traffic between Italy and Austria. Moreover, in one of the trains on their way from Venice to Munich, two passengers suspected signs of a dangerous disease (cough and fever). They were sent to Verona to check which did not reveal, however, the coronavirus. While the Austrians consider as an option the restoration of border controls at the Italian border, in Italy too, there are voices on strengthening vigilance on the borders of the country. Right-wing party “League” demanded that the government restore border controls in order to prevent the country from coming from outside the infected people, but the Prime Minister, Giuseppe Conte rejected this claim.

meanwhile: Another country outside of East Asia, faced with the coronavirus that became the Iran – there are a number of cases in the tens, reported about 8 dead. The border with the Islamic Republic shut down Iraq, Armenia, Turkey, Pakistan and Afghanistan. In Iran in some provinces closed schools and cultural centers.

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