On Instagram, shows Carmen Geiss in the Self-quarantine is quite desperate, because, as you make the hair? “We do not have Sunday, the hair sits. Oh my God, I need a hairdresser“, whines Carmen on Instagram. “Shit, who can help me in this Shit-corona time,” she adds.

a look at this post on Instagram ANO contribution divided by Carmen Geiss ? (@carmengeiss_1965) on Mar 29, 2020 at 3:26 PM PDT

you can make your own hair

her blond hair, von blarer and Geiss carries you to a high, tousled bun. In another Posting you see, the mother of two with curlers in the hair, she wrote: “Today, I’m alone, my hair once again, let’s see how it is.”

The result you showed in another Video and that can be quite impressive. Pride aside, explains: “fun, of course, I can do my own hair.” You also clearly: “But of course I would also support the hairdressers and go, therefore, two Times a week to the hairdresser.”

Clearly, out of pure love for Carmen goes Geiss normally two Times a week to the hairdresser…

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