When Carlos* (24) disengages, is not he brakes almost to. Also, his jail supervisors then try hard to bring the formerly “most notorious youth offenders Switzerland” under control. Too often, Carlos responds with pure violence on the prison staff, beaten by wardens and fellow inmates. Or disassembled his cell (LOOK told). For 29 of such excesses of violence, the combat athlete needs to answer today in the district court of Zurich. If he arrives at all!

A source from the judiciary circles, says of this: “Depending on his current mood, it would be quite possible that Carlos feels no desire and refuses to leave the Pöschwies and to come to Zurich.” A violent pull from the cell is given by Carlos bear forces is unlikely and also does not make sense.

Threatens the 24-Year-olds custody?

Actually fails according to the indictment, already as simple as the Touch of food to the bare Aggression of the accused. In an interview in the office of a head of Department in the Pöschwies beat Carlos an employee, although, an intervention unit was prepared in case of an escalation. In the prison in Pfäffikon ZH, the overseer no longer in the cell of the accused, the Prosecutor! dare

He throws the 24-Year-olds, among other things, serious bodily injury, tried multiple simple bodily injury, property damage of over CHF 25’000, and multiple threat. It is unclear what Penalties calls for the prosecution. It was even made a preliminary investigation of a possible custody.

Therefore, the process could not be postponed, according to lawyer Valentin Landmann (69), if Carlos shows up actually. Even if you could perform the procedure theoretically without the defendant. Sure, only it seems: The number of police officers is likely to be enormous. If he comes for.

*the Name has been changed