it is in the Charts in the front of it, get on Youtube every day, millions of clicks, and is flying loose in a private jet from Gig to Gig. No question about it: Cardi B (26) has the Hip-Hop scene firmly in its grip.

This also showed on Thursday, as the Star rapper as a Headliner at the Open Air Frauenfeld on the stage. Surrounded by her dancers, the Ex-stripper lit a real fireworks display of Hits. But 40 minutes later the Party was over. After their breakthrough Song, “Bodak Yellow” left Cardi the stage. Under loud cheers, but a short Set surprised me. Finally, the Swiss public is more likely to be headlining concerts in the 90-minute length used.

“I love money and I know how I deserve it!”

But even if Cardi was not long on the stage: The rapper with a Golden nose earned in Frauenfeld. As you told, according to “Just Jared” yesterday on Instagram, let the Open Air Frauenfeld for the concert 900’000 (887 000 Swiss francs) to jump. Cardi has published a Screenshot of a document that revealed all of the fees of their Festival Tour this summer. So you wanted to show all of your “Non-Fans” that you earn by far more money on Festivals, as on a conventional Tour. “You think I’m stupid, but if you must know something about Cardi: I love money and I know how I deserve it!” ranted the rapper.

With the image of Cardi B revealed that the Swiss Festival paid for by far the Most for a performance of the musician. At their concerts in America, the rapper earned an average of 500’000 dollars (Approx. 493’000 Swiss francs). However, even in Europe, there is no Open Air more than 750’000 (Approx. 739’200 Swiss francs) paid otherwise. Meanwhile, Cardi has removed the Post from your profile.

from the Gambled, the rapper, the Open Air Frauenfeld? To VIEW request, the Open Air Frauenfeld does not want to confirm the Numbers. “Unfortunately, I cannot give, for contractual reasons, no answers”, says Joachim Bodner, head of Media for the festival. Only so much: That the concert only lasted 40 minutes, was no Surprise: “she has kept to the contract and the Show is well-received by the guests very well.”