to Resume debt service on this product is more complicated than for other loans.

the Proportion of bad debt on credit cards with a period of arrears in excess of three months set a record. At the beginning of 2020, the volume of overdue debt on these loans amounted to 125.2 billion rubles, follows from the joint data Association collectors NAPCA and the KJV “Equifax”. In may this value was increased to 139 billion rubles.

From pandemic the usual level of income has decreased, therefore increased demand for borrowed funds, says President of SRO NAPCA Elman Mehdiyev. According to him, some citizens are unable to cope with its current debt load, so they stopped servicing loans. Many fear that the situation with the income will deteriorate even more, and so I try to “save” on payments, he added. However, any delay is accompanied by fines and about any saving of the question, recalled Elman Mehdiyev.

the More active the growth of overdue debt in the spring of 2020 compared to previous years is almost completely caused by coronavirus and related restrictions, said the General Director of BCI “Equifax” Oleg Lagutkin. According to him, on the one hand, consumers have reduced income. With other banks also could not with the same efficiency to repay the arrears. Citizens first provide themselves and their families. And only then pay the debt.

— Credit cards are the most complex form of Bank credit for understanding consumers. Them to resume debt service after a payment is missed quite difficult, because there is no traditional repayment schedule by analogy with other types of lending. In this regard, the restoration of the quality of the portfolio for this product will be longer. Most likely, a return to previous levels of delay is possible before the end of the year, — says Oleg Lagutkin.

3 APR vacation credit can take the citizen whose income fell by more than 30% compared to the year 2019 due COVID-19. For this it is necessary to apply to the Bank. The maximum period of deferral to six months.

applications can be submitted until 30 September 2020. The government has set the following limits on loans that are subject to holidays: mortgage — no more than 2 million rubles (in St. Petersburg and DFO — 3 million roubles, in Moscow — 4.5 million), the loan — not more than 600 thousand rubles, a consumer loan — no more than 250 thousand rubles, the credit card — less than 100 thousand rubles.

“Izvestia” asked banks from top-30 by assets about the situation with the delay. Most faced financial difficulties customers have received a credit vacation, so we were able to avoid the growth of overdue zadolzhennost��and in April and may, reported in VTB. Sberbank declined to comment.

a Slight deterioration of the payment discipline regarding the usual seasonal fluctuations recorded in Gazprombank. With the introduction of nezabutniy customers on late payment on credit cards a bit worse. However, part apply for a card more often than usual began to repay the arrears in full. In financial organizations do not expect large-scale access of its customers to the delay.

According to him, some major players prior to the epidemic to shift to higher-quality clients and shift the focus towards other than credit cards, segments and products.

In Raiffeisenbank, the share of the portfolio with the delay increased by approximately 3%, told “Izvestia” head of credit risk retail banking segment Alexey Kramarsky. However, he did not specify what part of the map. For further development of the situation will influence the epidemiological situation in the country, he said.

— Now we see the easing of restrictive measures, more and more companies returned to work. This positively affects the borrowers ‘ ability to service their obligations, — says Alexey Kramarsky.

In the Crimea, a deterioration of payment discipline of customers and increase the default delay is 1.5%, described in MCB. This is due to the introduction of quarantine and restrictive measures aimed at combating the pandemic COVID-19, added there. To restrain the growth of delay has allowed the issuance of credit cards only to borrowers reliable and timely provision of holidays to those who could not pay.

the Share of overdue debt increased including due restrictive measures against the background of the coronavirus, consider Citibank. For example, clients had difficulty with a trip to the Department of financial institutions access to ATMs and payment terminals. Some citizens faced with the loss of a job or income. But if the problems with access in the near future should not have, then how long will financial instability is difficult to predict. This will depend on the rate of return of business activity and economic recovery after the lifting of all restrictive measures, and the delay performance will return to the level of 2019 in the second half of 2021, I added there.