According to the communication from the cantonal police of Aargau, an Eritrean alerted at 4.45 PM, the city police Aarau. The advanced police met in front of the house on three Eritreans, a 30-holding Years of a roof batten in the Hand. On the road with a kitchen knife and two metal pipes were also another knife found by the police later. No one was hurt. The 30-Year-old was arrested.

according to the notification, four of the majority of the drunken men were arguing during a card game. The 30-Year-old should have to the blades and, later, out to the roof batten.

In the context of the police operation, the police offered to other members and controlled more land people, the Eritreans who were visiting in the house. The investigation by the Canton police of Aargau, over the dispute.