you Think of English sports car, get an Aston Martin, Lotus or McLaren in mind. Apex is the most likely to have heard of but never been. The UK Start-up with roots in Hong Kong, was founded in 2018 and wanted to introduce at this year’s Geneva motor show, electric cars AP-0.

Yet, the biggest car show in Europe fell, as is well known, the Corona-Virus to the victim, and also Apex has postponed the launch of the first model of the company. This week, the brothers Jason and Gary Leung have unveiled the sports car now in London.

LED light in the shape of a cross

The first impression: Sleek, the AP-0. With its corners, edges and beading, he is likely to oversubscribed Fans clear forms but something to come. An eye-catcher is the gull-wing doors and the massive fin that runs from the roof to the rear and also a part of the vertical rear light included. Together with the over the whole width of the LED Band a cross – shaped light signature-the logo of Apex is formed.

lightweight despite the Mega-battery

The trick is that the Chassis and body, the generous use of carbon. Thanks to the lightweight material of the Apex AP-0 to a weight of only 1200 pounds – and this is despite a 90 kWh barrel battery under the floor, which alone has a weight of 550 pounds and a cruising range of 515 miles allow! Thanks to fast charging technology, the battery should be charged in under 15 minutes to 80 percent full.

The 641 HP (484 kW) electric motor on the rear axle stromer catapults the two-seater is Strong in 2.3 seconds on Tempo 100, and is intended to provide a Topspeed of up to an impressive 306 km/h!

the Start is only the end of 2022

the AP will be Conducted-0 in the futuristic Cockpit via a rectangular steering Wheel, behind which an instrument carrier as in the jet fighter is. There, the Pilot also has to look at two Displays, which give the images of the digital mirror again. Thanks to cameras and Lidar sensors, the Apex should have a even Autonomous Driving up to Level 4.

the Apex AP-0 is a concept car according to the manufacturer, he should come to the end of 2022 on the market. Although there are still more than two and a half years time is to give the British a price for the strong stromer: 150’000 pounds, the equivalent of well 175’000 CHF.