1. DeLorean: A dream bursts on cocaine

Everyone knows the stainless steel wing doors from “Back to the Future”. The Ex-car Manager John DeLorean was fulfilling a childhood dream. The British government lured him with money to Northern Ireland, but when it starts there, in 1981, bought the motorized (132 HP) and lousy processed DMC-12 no one. DeLorean is in need of money, as to him, FBI agents suggest a cocaine Deal. Although he is spoken of later, but the coke affair is the nail in the Bankruptcy coffin: the 1982 is the dream.

2. Opel: The man who betrays his badge

José Ignacio López was Erzkonkurrent Opel VW. As the sale of hooks due to a weak economy for the first time, sends General Motors (GM), López 1987 Opel. López saves, up on the Astra stainless and roadside are in bloom and the reputation of ruin. Then VW advertises it, Opel’s secret plans, he notes with to VW (where he can save for Amok “Strangler of Wolfsburg”). VW will have to pay $ 100 million damages, for a billion of GM parts to buy and López of which comes with 400’000 DM penalty. Broken save is called in the auto industry since then, “Lopez-effect”.

3. Mercedes: The star is on the Brink

Look, VW: So it’s good in a crisis! The Mercedes A-class in 1997 is a Sensation over in the moose test, an evasive maneuver, the Swedish auto journalists,. Mercedes remembers, then, of his own reputation, to apologize, to exercise with a plush-elk self-irony, and millions of all the A-classes with the self-invented, but still expensive slingshot retrofit protection of ESP – which forces other Compact for Retrofitting. So back in the end remains only in the head, that the star stands for safety. Perfectly solved!

4. Ford: fire-dead

Ford come to us cheaper to know in advance that the 1970s Pinto is a death trap: In the case of rear-end collisions, the Tank bursts terminals, the doors. But in the “Pinto Memo” expects Ford: 180 burned cost 50, Changes to the car to 120 million US dollars. The Pinto comes in to it at least 60 people. Only convictions to unexpectedly high compensation payments to Ford to move Changes to the “four-seater Barbecue” (taunt name). Learning effect? Zero: After Pneuplatzern and Rollovers in the 1990s, Explorer, Ford and Firestone argue over 200 Dead long, who’s to blame before you replace 23 million tires.

5. Chevrolet: Unsafe at any speed

Until today it is disputed, whether Chevrolet had not taken the warnings of its own engineers seriously enough, or consumer advocate Ralph Nader was shot over the target. Nader complained in the book “Unsafe at any speed” (dt. “Unsafe at any speed”), the 1959 Chevrolet Corvair, a rear-engine Compact, prone to sudden Break out of the stern. As with almost all rear-engine cars, but the book plus arrogant Attenuate the Chevrolet parent GM kill the Corvair, Despite Changes in the fourth year of the Corvair in 1969.