lure of The Swiss car importers happy: for the First time since 2016, the sales have cracked in the first four months of the year, the 100’000 mark. The were also sold, thanks to a strong April, in which according to the importer Association Auto-Schweiz exactly 28’620 cars in Switzerland and Liechtenstein is almost eight percent more than in the previous year.

E-cars continue to have a strong

Continue at a record rate vehicles with Alternative drives, both in April, as well as in the first four months of 2019, more than 10 percent of the sales. About half of these (5.1 %) of cars are called plug-in vehicles, i.e. Plug-in Hybrids and electric cars – their market share is expected to reach in the next year to 10 percent.

Also, the market share of the four-wheel drive cars is heading to a new high for the Year. With 51.1 percent more than every second car had a 4×4. Basically, a bad development, produce these cars but normally more CO2 than those with Front – or rear-wheel drive.

High E-share 4×4

However, four-wheel drive would lose in terms of CO2 emissions, their terror, and means car-Switzerland spokesman Christoph Wolnik: “In the case of the pure electric models, the 4×4-share of new registrations is around 60 percent, in the case of Plug-in hybrids even more than 90 percent. At the same time these vehicles are in terms of their CO2 emissions low-emission or even emissionslos.”