The Empire of Kurt Kraushaar begins where other single-family houses freezer and washing machine, good-night frizzy hair say, 77 years old, strong handshake, and leads us down the stairs. Welcome to “Small Geneva”, in the Canton of Aargau, Brugg! Three rooms full of – no, not just car models, but full of everything that has anything to do with the car. Our eyes move around. A Traction-Avant-memorial corner with the Ensemble, from Citroën 11CV model, genuine radiator grille and speedo. The old crankshaft as a candle stand, a car model as a doorknob, the VW-beetle-Board tool-kit in scale 1:12, truck and construction equipment models en mass, tail fins, tail lights, miniature vices plague with the Zinc, the zinc die-cast crumbles (Kraushaar: “From Italy, somehow fits”), cooler characters, Morris ad, models.

Collected memories

madness! This man doesn’t just collect models, he collects stories and history. Kraushaar hoards not Miniatures, but memories. No matter what piques our interest: at once it gushes out of him, as all had been yesterday, and not, as often decades ago. Told by letter that he wrote as a Boy to VW to Wolfsburg, if he could sign a post-war arm of Heinrich Nordhoff, a small beetle. Slightly peeved VW replied: Nordhoff was “the Director-General and not a movie actor”. A model of the gabs anyway. Kraushaar says: “let’s Go upstairs.”

Two of the rooms upstairs. Glass shelves without end, model cars. Hundreds, Of Thousands. A few in the Mass-rod 1:12, countless in 1:43 and 1:18. Curly hair stories go like this: In Basel, he acquired the green 1:43 model of the 1957 Chrysler. “On the way home, I had the feeling that Pink would have been better,” the former garden centre Manager and florist. At home he found the original prospectus. The car is pink. Aha – back to Basel!

the models made it difficult to RUB

Or the 1950s Oldsmobile. So one of the chief of the father, and of the 15, drove-year-old Kurt turned as a reward for a car wash, round in the company premises. Until he went cocky on the tramp trip. “I’ve seen my teacher, and him greeted it – not without consequences. But today I’m allowed to be a child again head!” Frizzy hair not acquiring just models. Especially difficult, he rubs it. Ask here, hooks there, sends it to the later Federal councillor Johann Schneider-Ammann the Ammann-original prospectus, the missing in the company archives, and, in return, receives a miniature construction equipment. Can’t afford the Alfa 8C as a stainless model, but has a rusty 8C dashboard in the basement. Writing and receives from the model manufacturers Dash in 1:18. Others collect models from individual manufacturers, car brands, topics such as the fire brigade, or all color variants of a model, but not the anecdotes. So meticulously the curly hair book (“The green Riley of Dinky Toys cost a 1960 time 1.75 francs”), so loose, he’s directing. “I buy from the gut. Me stories of interest.” A Spinner? Rather one who lives his passion, and to say dare, he was going “to my friends”. The “barn finds” are not trims on equipped with moss, but for years in the rain. “Real moss!”, he says and beams. Schalk behind the glasses, little Kurt in the Pensioner.

priceless joy

Each model is evenings fabric for a long winter, and each letter a bravery medal for a unwavering. “A Belittled,” as Kraushaar with a wink says. Earlier, the young man seemed to be the Autöli crazy. Curly hair hats not sheared for 65 years: “When I was twelve, at a cost of a Glace 25 cents, but for 1.25 francs, there was again a Dinky Toys.” Value system? “No, because I had never illusions”, frizzy hair. “The joy to find after a long search for something Specific, is priceless.”

A Belächelter? Today, nobody is laughing any more about this fascinating mammoth collection. What copyright note wife Rosmarie says? “My wife is very generous!”, frizzy hair stresses. “I’ll do something for you, it takes me a week. Go to models, I’ll make it up immediately. I try not to become a slave of my passion, to get me the tolerance. And I have withdrawn my application for Transfer to the Laundry room again.”

He laughs. How about an exhibition? Earlier there was, for instance, in the Migros, Möbel Pfister, of Zurich, the Dolder Grand or 100. Geneva Salon, as 15 transactions showed in the Brugger old town, the Mini-car show in their shop Windows. “But today, the effort is too big. My dream would be that you give me space.” A Museum – Yes, how many models? We appreciate 2000. At least! Other bragging rights with Numbers. Kraushaar, who also has two 1:1-Mercedes-Oldies (including Papa’s tail fin), a flirt and webts in another story. “How many, is irrelevant. Important memories are.” He ponders and says: “It is a 163 Auto and 242 model brands. I would have to raise all the winter tires, I would be ruined.”