The Corona-crisis is changing our mobility: From the 19th century. March will be a significantly thinner public TRANSPORT-schedule, among other things, in the case of the SBB. Public transport is limited and the population is recommended to avoid the train, Tram or Bus. Who needs to leave for work the house is likely to require, therefore, increasingly on the car. For this reason, the Federal Council on Lockdown on Monday “workshops for transport” explicitly for those companies called that may work.

For Urs Wernli, the Central President of the Swiss motor trade Association (AGVS), the garages in these times, a significant role: “Our members establishments make an important contribution to the land supply, because maintaining mobility is in such times of urgent.” Thus, Wernli says only, ambulance transport, or buses, but also Spitex services, food suppliers, the Post office, and many more. Therefore, the workshops will remain open. “The physical sales of vehicles is prohibited on the other hand,” says Wernli.

Hygiene and short-time work

The AGVS and its members are concerned about the current Situation. “We are also of the responsibility to customers and employees aware of and ensure that the Hygiene recommendations of the Federal office of health are complied with.” This also includes a regular cleaning of the interior of the cars. The workshop operating under severe conditions, to maintain, as well as the wages to continue paying, are the current challenges for the AGVS members. “To tackle the crisis, in part, short-time working and other measures will be necessary”, is Wernli aware of.

What is the Coronavirus is?

The new Coronavirus keeps the world in breath. But what exactly is the Sars-like Virus anyway? How was it? And how can you protect yourself? VIEW clarifies the main issues and keeps them in the news Ticker to date.