Capital industrial enterprises switched to enhanced mode

because of the pandemic coronavirus in Russia increased the demand not only buckwheat, but also, for example, flour. A scarce commodity, remain antiseptic.

Every morning about ten of these huge trucks leave the Factory filled with flour. Each machine 25 tons. Before the day they were loaded two or three times. Now – no less than four. The products of the plant are more than a dozen types of flour. In the context of the global pandemic, consumer demand for cereals rose slightly. Increasingly popular packaging for a kilogram or two. The minute strips are Packed in 90 bundles.

But significant changes in the work of grinding plant in connection with the coronavirus there. A day, the company produces thousands of tons of flour. This amount is enough to cover needs not even a single region. And in the granary – grain stocks at least another three months. From orders in connection with the decline in attendance is now abandoned and many restaurants. And the company is fully focused on the domestic market.

In case of need to increase capacity prepared and manufacturers of deli meats. However, now no such need. Sausage, sausages, dumplings – all of this on the shelves in abundance. Warehouse of this company in the hourly mode in the trading network sent ten consignments of fresh produce. While efficiency is not affected no partial transfer of employees to remote mode, no additional security measures, which now apply to those in production.

But the main producers of scarce goods are already preparing for a twofold increase in production. Now one of the largest manufacturers of skin antiseptics and disinfectants medical produces about 11 thousand tons per day. It’s about 145 million units of goods, which are supplied literally in all Russian regions.

the Launch of two lines this is their installation, and extension of the area in the near future will increase this number almost dabout three hundred thousand units. Preparing for production

On the shelves of shops and pharmacies are increased bottles of antiseptics will appear in the near future. The format already tested in production.

Physicians recommend the use of antiseptic after each contact with potentially contaminated surface. Mainly in places of a mass congestion of people. However, just as important as frequency. Attention should be paid to the technique to handle hands, need one or two drops, and RUB the gel or spray you need for 15 seconds, paying particular attention to the thumb, the nail plates and the space between the fingers.

enhanced mode switched all enterprises of Moscow and Moscow region, that release disinfectants. Production volume is increasing weekly. And those companies that are still working in two shifts, increase the state to transition to three-shift schedule.