1. March occurs in Switzerland, the new asylum system, with the accelerated procedure in force. Sixty percent of the asylum seekers want to do the Federal government in the future, within 140 days in the Federal centres. Only if a longer procedure is emerging, to asylum seekers to the cantons distributed.

For the new process, the Federal government also needs to be a new IT-System. The exchange between the Confederation and the cantons, but also with legal advice and Translators, should be done electronically. One of the new programs that will be used is the information system E-Return, in the future, all the data for the return and departure process of rejected asylum seekers are to be recorded.

Federal government have To set priorities in the wrong

. Because two weeks before the Start not everything is working as desired. The “NZZ” reported problems and delays. The head of the asylum Department and to the state Secretariat for Migration (SEM) had to call in “the Hear after” with external help. A bottleneck is, for example, showed up at the computer science service centre of the Federal Department of justice and police (FDJP).

In the cantons of the IT provide problems for red heads. The conference of cantonal justice and police Directors have intervened because of the problems several times to the Federal government, writes the NZZ. The Department had begun the project too late and the priorities set incorrectly, criticized, Marcel Suter, President of the Association of cantonal migration authorities. The victims of the cantons and the asylum regions. “The delay has left us pretty upset,” he says.

the System works – at least for the part

The Federal error grants. The computer science center of the FDJP would probably need to be involved in the project, says a spokesperson for the “NZZ”. The electronic systems should, according to his information, from 1. March work, paint, and meet the requirements, but only the mini. In the first year, there will be technical adjustments and additions to, the SEM. To be clear, There is still much to do.

The IT problems the SEM can memories of past computer science are glitches at the Federal guard. In the autumn of last year IT caused problems for the tax administration for headlines. Here, too, the authorities had introduced with the Software Fiscal-IT is a program that was anything other than Mature. Because of the defects it came to massive Productivity losses. Unforgettable is also the debacle of the IT project Insieme, the tax administration, for the Federal government wants to more than 100 million Swiss francs. (lha)