do Nothing does not mean Status quo, but leads to a sensitive weakening of the business location, as well as to a deterioration of the international Reputation of Switzerland, told the St. Gallen Finance Director and KdK-President Benedikt Würth on Friday at a media conference, the conference of cantonal governments (KdK) in Bern. This is tantamount to the Federal government and the cantons.

Switzerland will vote in may on two templates. VIEW explains what it is exactly.

Federal law on tax reform and the AHV financing
The basics and tricky questions explained
Federal decision on the approval and implementation of the exchange between Switzerland and the EU on the Adoption of the Directive Amending the EU arms Directive
explains The changes in weapons law in 12 points.


save The Staf template will provide the basis for this is that the company had in Switzerland, it is predictable and a good framework. This, in turn, secure jobs and the Tax base, which would also be supported by analyses of the Swiss Federal tax administration.

STAF has all the advantages of

The Basel municipal Finance Director Eva Herzog described the template as a balanced solution. Everyone would get something: security for international firms, less taxes for SMEs, a good framework for the site and a social balance. The over two billion Swiss francs was allocated per year, in addition to the AHV, constitute a real social balance. Over 90 percent of the population receive more from the AHV is paid out, than you have paid in.

The Zurich financial Director Ernst Stocker pointed to the importance of tax reform for the Canton as a great business location. A financially strong Canton of Zurich is also for the country as a whole is of great importance. In addition to the Federal government, the Canton of Zurich, the largest contribution to the national fiscal equalization. This Solidarity, is, in the long term is only possible, if the Canton thanks to the Staf-template competitiveness and jobs could receive.

OASI-tax-Deal solves a number of problems

For the KdK, the template also corresponds to the expectations of the population, which desires a balanced Reform, the solutions for two important problems bring: the AHV financing and the securing of jobs. The excesses of the people rejected the corporate tax reform III had been corrected.

According to a survey conducted by the KdK have already adopted 19 cantonal governments, a law Embassy for the implementation of the Staf to their cantonal Parliament. A further five cantons was expected to be adopted in the first Semester 2019. Two cantons planned for a later adoption of the message.

In the eight cantons of ZH, GL, FR, SO, BS, SG, NE and GE the parliamentary debate on the implementation of a template according to the survey, is already through. Definitely, the implementation of templates in the four cantons of BS, GL, SG and NE are completed. The three cantons FR, and GE plan in the first half of 2019, the popular vote, with Solothurn and Geneva together with the Swiss vote, on November 19. May the cantonal implementation template to the vote. (SDA)

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