The merger of the cantonal hospitals of Basel is not reached: In the Basel area, the merger agreement was with 66.6 percent Yes-votes, in the city of Canton, however, with almost 56 percent no-vote rejected clearly. A second government contract for enhanced joint health planning was approved with a Yes-share of 67.3 percent in Basel-city and 77.0% in Basel country in two half-cantons.

the country was Adopted in Basel, with a Yes-share of 69.7 percent, a the state contract for the hospital merger additional change in the law. The Basel bidders have agreed with 50.7 percent votes in favour the act on the compensation of planning values: country eingezont new, must be paid to the increase in the value of a levy of 20 per cent.

Bern: Yes, to the police, no to the energy law

In the Canton of Bern is a new energy bill that would have tightened the requirements for building, just with a no-vote share of 50.6 per cent discarded. Thus, the second Canton has torpedoed the implementation of the energy strategy of the Federal government.

Clearly, the new police law was adopted with more than three-quarters of the votes. This provides, for example, that the police can sniff without any initial suspicion for a month in the privacy of people around. In addition, the law provides that organizers should participate in demonstrations in the future to the police costs, if the rally is running out of control.

Clearer separation of Church and state in Geneva

In Geneva, will be allowed to wear state employees and politicians in the future, no signs of religious affiliation such as headscarves. Religious rallies are in the future allowed. The Geneva indoor and Geneva have accepted the controversial secularism law, with just 55.1 per cent.

No Chance at the ballot box had two of the party of labour (PdA) launched initiatives for health. The introduction of a mandatory dental insurance failed with 54,76% of no-votes, the Initiative for the creation of a public health insurance with 55.5 percent no votes.

potable water supply remains in public

The people of Zurich want to sunk in addition, no part-privatisation of their drinking water supply: you have the bourgeois-influenced water act. With a no-vote share of nearly 55 percent. The Director of planning Markus Kägi (SVP) regrets the result. The people have missed the Chance, the outdated water act of today’s match, he said in front of the media. But the baseless claims of the enemy had apparently worked. “With this, no, we are back to square one.”

For Thomas Forrer, Green member of the Parliament and Co-head of the Committee against the water law, the no to the part-privatisation of a clear mandate to the government. “The people want the water supply remains fully in the public sector.” Now we have to ensure that these would be anchored 100% in the law. To achieve this, are already initiatives in the pipeline.

With a no vote of nearly 70 percent have chosen the Zurich against the abolition of the dog courses. The holder of the “big and massive dogs” need to complete so that in the future a compulsory course. The government wants the promised Review – new dog should implement has to do holder, a course that should take less long – fast.

Longer collecting signatures

In the Canton of Ticino, longer periods will apply in the future when Collecting signatures for referendums and popular initiatives. The template 52’722 Yes against 14’030 no undisputed.

With 50’231 Yes against 16’140 no an amendment to the Constitution for the exercise was adopted, political rights of living abroad Tessinern. 57’531 Yes against 8145 no a template consent that allows for future amendments to the Constitution, the choice between two different variants. With the adoption of the fourth template finally, people’s initiatives should be, thanks to a simplified procedure in the future implemented faster.

Uri will no longer approved of Large predators

In the Canton of Uri have the Voters by the farmers ‘ Association launched a constitutional initiative “For the regulation of Large carnivores”, with a Yes vote-share of 69.5 percent. The demands of the Initiative are, however, already met to a large extent.

The Canton of St. Gallen is able to launch an IT education drive to combat the shortage of skilled workers. Nearly 70 percent of St. Gallen’s Voters approved a loan of 75 million Swiss francs for projects in all levels of education.

men continued to reign

In the Canton elections were also held: However, there was in Appenzell Ausserrhoden no Surprises. The government remains in Men’s hands: Which of the three Previous years were confirmed. Hansueli Reutegger defended the seat of the SVP, Yves Noël Balmer those of the SP. (SDA/sf)