New York City, US-American East coast, 23.02 PM local time. The German futurologist Lars Thomsen, one of the world’s most influential experts on energy, mobility and Smart Networks in the future, and the Board of Directors of the Swiss charging station manufacturer, Juice technology, takes on the driver’s seat of his private Tesla Model 3 space. In the navigation Thomsen, who lives with his family in Zurich, has entered, his target: Los Angeles, exactly 4560 miles.

A route that other people take the plane. Thomsen wants to lay with his wife, the Swiss singer Betty Legler, and daughter Robin on four wheels back. And the record of the Canon ball Runs for electric cars to break.

19 load stops needed

The goal of high is The valid record time for the course is 50 hours and 16 minutes. According to Google Maps, exactly 43 hours for the distance without charging stops are needed. But Before Thomsen and his two female companions, twelve U.S. States and, according to Navi 19 stops at Tesla super chargers are like! The record is, therefore, an impossibility?

in Most cases, with the Autopilot on the go

Thomsen’s Tesla is progressing fast; he alternates with his companions regularly behind the wheel. Thanks to the Tesla autopilot, the electric car needs to be monitored for the largest part of the route only in its functions. And the electricity? Tesla’s Model 3 is roaming around with the biggest battery package according to the standard 560 miles. Thomsen’s Trick, when Reloading: a Lot of short stops, where he refuels, thanks to the fast charge current for a few hundred kilometers to load but without the battery completely full. Because the last percent of Battery charge require disproportionately much more time.

suitability for daily use proved

And do not have the Thomsens. Around at 20:12 local time, after exactly 48 hours, and 10 minutes ‘ drive, reached the Trio, the Portofino Hotel in Redondo Beach on the U.S. Pacific coast. Lars Thomsen exudes: “The journey in just two days across the USA for the practicality of E proves the vehicles!” But now the batteries are completely empty – not only in Tesla but also in the case of Thomsen’s: After almost continuous travel, the family says goodbye to a well-deserved NAP.