Canceled because of a pandemic Cannes film festival desperately continues to talk about the films that could be shown on the Cote d’azur. In the “Cannes classics”, which includes restored and translated the figure of blockbusters, they took “July rain” Marlena hutsieva, released in 1966. To imagine it was Karen Shakhnazarov, who became the producer of the restoration, produced by “Mosfilm”. Now the “July rain” and other paintings “Cannes classics”, will be shown at festival Lumiere brothers in Lyon from October 10-18. The fate of the creators of “the July rain” was tragic, and the number 79 became for them fatal.

Marlen Khutsiev shot amazing footage of the summer of the city, washed by the rain, which this July is constantly reminded when in the shower is replaced by another. In the distant 1960s young he ran into a phone booth, fleeing from the pouring rain, his overactive imagination was born the idea of the “July rain. Marlene Hutsiev has told “MK” about that time: “When I started, had a wonderful time, made many wonderful poets, a unique figure of Bulat Okudzhava. I haven’t met him, only heard his song “goodbye, boys” and constantly hummed, walking around Moscow. I love to wander around the city, watch people, to observe life. I – contemplative by nature, not in a hurry, My paintings arise out of sensations. Any special problems I do not put

the Picture is cluttered with the tragic details associated with the departure of its creators. In March 2019 was not Marlena hutsieva. He lived to be 93 years old, and went, suffering from his wife’s death, which was in the same room, worrying about the fate of the last of his painting “Nevechernyaya”, which never finished.

the Film became momentous about the actress Evgenia Orlovoj. She first played a major role. In the picture she met her future husband Yuri Vizbor. Vizbor was dedicated to his beloved his famous song “Milaya Moya, Solnyshko Lesnoe”. “The fate of Eugene Orlovoj after the “July rain” was to be, but in the movie she actually starred then – recalled Hutsiev. She is an actress and a man with an interesting personality. Today it is especially important to the person. The heroine of orlovoy — of course, personality. That is why the picture looks decades later”.

17 APR 2020 Yevgeniya Uralova died. To 80-anniversary was two months away. In the days of quarantine she was in Israel, where he passed a course of chemotherapy. In Israel and buried it. To actress in the last journey of close relatives living in Russia, could not. His last role she played in 2019 in the film “Tell the truth” Andrei Eshpai, and no one suspected she was seriously ill. Eshpai underELISA with “MK” memories of how I first saw the actress in “the July rain”: “Fantastic picture! Yevgeniya Uralova played there the piercing was for me and many people of my generation, the personification of time freedom. She is an extraordinary person. Her face, a passage in the beginning of the film unforgettable. Acting in our film, she was already sick, but didn’t like to talk about it. It seemed that everything she did was like the first time – emotionally, honestly, fundamentally. In the picture she was dying, and played similarly, and tragically, in anticipation of his imminent departure. She didn’t need words. She was able to be expressive without them.”

After the Eugenia Uralova June 18, tragically passed away singer cameo Galina Dashevskaya, well-known in addition to his theatre work on the role of Jamila in “White sun of the desert”. She was tragically killed in the Moscow Larks fell under the train. The actress was 79 years old.

the Actress, who starred in “July rain”, followed, wore the same hairstyle and dresses like them. These beautiful women will forever remain the epitome of the 1960s with their anticipation of change.

One of his best roles played in the film Alexander Beliavsky, whose life too was tragically cut short in 2012. Shortly before the stroke he had a daughter – a very late child. To act because of illness, he could not, the family badly needed and funds for life helped to collect the screen actors Guild. And then the body of the actor found near the house, he fell from the window.. He was 80 years old.

Tragically, ended the life of screenwriter Anatoly Grebnev. In 2002, when he was 79 years old and he crossed the road near the House veterans ‘ movie in MATVEEVSKOE, he was hit by a car.

Oleg vidov, who starred in hutsieva “the Outpost of Ilyich”, a half years before his death, told “MK” about his feeling at that time, expressing very precisely the mood, which is concentrated in the movies hutsieva, taken in the 1960s: “Marlene Martynovich incorporates an understanding of the thaw. His characters are loose guys. They walked the streets, kissed, and it felt like it had a thaw, unthinkable before. Moscow suddenly turned to Europe, it was almost like Paris in terms of a relationship – free and clean. Marlene invited extraordinary actors and people, and through it shone the Moscow of that time with hopes and premonitions of something new and interesting. That’s the genius of his paintings. Light it up films lives in me, and I can compare them with the great films of neo-realism, determined the time of the fracture, the transition from violence to freedom, a time of hope that things will be different. Indeed, after that there was some kind of amazing life.”