Both were in Brazil in 2014 with Germany the world champion, Flick as a Co-Trainer, Klose as a player. Maybe the Duo is reunited again soon – on the bench of FC Bayern. Germany bewegendster Corona Song: “Victoriam” – Listen, we support the good purpose of FOCUS Online, Germany’s bewegendster Corona Song: “Victoriam” – Listen, we support the good purpose

Flick, whose contract was extended at the record Champions last until 2023, is looking for his wand to another wizard, and U17 Coach Klose should be according to the “image” of the Topkandidat.

Klose “enrich”

Flick was on dpa-demand, with Klose spoke. However, there are other candidates, however, the former world-class striker, “an enrichment”. For the youth coach the jump to the pros would be a rapid rise. The beginning of fired back at Klose player career has been much more sluggish.

The centre-forward was not a highly acclaimed child Prodigy from a famous youth Academy. With 20 kicked the man with Polish roots still in the fifth League and was two years later when 1. FC Kaiserslautern from the Amateur team of the professionals to fight high.

the most successful DFB scorer

After the breakthrough, it finally went straight up. Star-striker at Werder Bremen and Bavaria, and numerous titles in Germany and even in Italy, a world Cup record scorer, the top scorer of the national team’s history.

And in spite of these many successes to the today 41 has preserved-Year-old will always have a certain earthiness. Star airs and graces you look at native Poland in vain. The most Striking thing, which had nothing to do with his football ability, it was still his goal celebration – the famous Salto. Interviews and press conferences were not to be the case.

Miroslav Klose celebrates 2014 with the world Cup trophy (left, Per Mertesacker). World Cup record scorer Klose took place between 2002 and the Triumph in Rio in four finals part. Photo: Kunz/eye click Abendzeitung München, “If I wanted to go to the top, I would have to flick with the fingers”

This ground he maintained as a Trainer. Even if Klose is waving now, fast transport – he has called on you never held in public. Although he can start, as a former star player for a professional club.

“I started as a footballer in the youth teams. If I would want to go to the top, then I – excuse me would have to snap when the stupid sounds – just with the fingers. But I don’t think that’s ridiculous, that’s Yes. Just because you were a professional, you’re not a professional Trainer,” he explained, once the “Sport Bild”.

And the youth work plays in Bavaria and also a major role. Around ten million euros, the record champion has put in the last few years in its Campus. Also fired back at Klose coach philosophy the ground is written to earth in size. It’s a quality youth coach missing in today’s talent often. The young players today are “often too comfortable” and not be willing to torment yourself.

Klose on talent: “you Need to bind anything to the feet,”

“have Talent many, the will and the right attitude are all essential. Sometimes, you will see how much Talent there at all – because you’re insane,“ said Klose to the “Sport Bild”. “We need to bind the boys anything to the feet so that they remain on the ground.” Klose, despite his relatively young age, a Trainer of the old school, perhaps to impress the Bayern bosses.

The world champion but can not scold only. Oliver Bierhoff, who worked with Higuain at the DFB, dam this agreed “a flair for the players, for the cohesion of the group”. Thomas Müller doesn’t trust his former teammates on a successful coaching career. “He was with his runs and movements, very clever. It helps, of course, in a coaching career, if you understand the game,” said Miller.

Demichelis trust Klose’s career as a professional trainer to

be Ex-mate at Bayern, Martin Demichelis, to trust Klose pick of the litter: “Miro is a good and intelligent man who will one day be a professional trainer,” said Bavaria’s current under-19 Coach in the “Sport1”-Interview.

The Bayern think that Klose can be developed in a Flick and Klose has already hinted that he wants to train in the long run in the Bundesliga. Already last summer, Klose has been offered a promotion from the U17 to the U19 coach. But the 41-Year-old refused – the step came too early. You should not lose too early, the ground of liability.

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This article was written by Julian Huter

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