How can die a child complain of abdominal pain and four days later, so tragic? For Professor Felix Niggli, chief physician of Oncology at the children’s hospital of Zurich, this is an exceptional case. The doctor can and does not want to speak directly to the tragic fate of Donghua Li’s 7-year-old son Janis. He would have to know whether the cancer in the liver was a primary tumor or whether it was just an offshoot of another tumor. “Perhaps the Tumor has affected major organ structures, so that it suddenly came to death. This can happen very rarely, once, before you can treat properly.”

Generally speaking, he says: “Sometimes tumors are more advanced in children and make surprisingly little complaints.” It is heaped up, that childhood tumors to grow aggressively. “But it is precisely the rapid growth often helps, too, that you can destroy the mechanism of the tumor with chemotherapy better.”

Often in routine investigations

Niggli discovered mentioned the neuroblastoma, which is developed in some very young children as a Tumor in the abdomen and often by chance during a routine examination found. Other children, however, are seriously ill, have a fever or felt bad.

when should respond to parents and to the doctor? “If pain occurs or if the condition of the child deteriorated massively,” says the oncologist. Increased fatigue or lack of appetite, could be symptoms that require more clarification. The cancer doctor maintains, however, that “Such a dramatic gradients are very rare.”

Three out of four children are healthy

One out of 500 children suffers a malignant cancer disease. In Switzerland there are each year around 220 children, the tendency is rising. About 50 types of cancer in child age. “Three out of four young cancer patients today, but back to health,” says Niggli’s message is good.

children suffer, especially in leukemias, brain tumors and embryonic tumors – these are tumors that occur during pregnancy, but often only later to continue to grow. For this purpose, the neuroblastoma and Nephroblastoma, germ cell tumors, or Hepatoblastoma include. In General, the oncologist noted: “children endure the treatments much better than adults and have greater chances of cure.”