you are one of the most popular gifts in the UK: Royals merchandise, such as mugs, T-Shirts, key chains and dolls. Especially models that are inspired by Duchess Kate (37), were asked Daily Mail writes””. But, of all things, fake models of these Kate’s dolls now trigger the Alarm on the island: In a delivery from the Czech Republic excessive levels of contaminants were discovered.

DEHP can cause malformations in babies

According to the newspaper, is particularly in the Duchess-Kate-dolls “dangerously high levels” of the plasticizer DEHP have been found, is suspected to be carcinogenic. In the case of pregnant women to DEHP can cause malformations in your unborn baby, in men to infertility.

Some of the dangerous dolls had been intercepted at the border and in hardware, it means more. Nevertheless, it should have some copies already in the toy stores managed. The consumer protection warns clearly in front of toys from abroad, and advises to always check ingredients very carefully. (wyt)