In the nursery of Stefan Küng (25) once hung a calendar of Fabian Cancellara (38). “He was a big Inspiration for me,” said the Thurgau. But soon the tide turned. The wheel Talent was to Compare the effort with the constant Cancellara -. “Since I became a professional I was told that I was the new Cancellara. And I would save the Swiss Cycling. I have, however, said the never. I knew that I must go my own way.”

No comparisons can be draw

Since Sunday Küng Bronze-medal winner in the world championship road race. Cancellara: “I do not begrudge Stefan from the heart. The first Swiss precious metal for the past 20 years, tremendous! He may be proud, and should enjoy his success.” At the same time, this success would prove how much the constant comparisons of the Two lag. “I won in my career, a lot of nice races, but the precious metal to a world Cup road race, I repeated never,” says Cancellara. “Stefan is Stefan, I’m me. There will never be a new Cancellara, but we have a Küng. We must look forward.”

at the same time küng’s Wake hussars riding in Yorkshire (Gb) expectations. He says: “it gives me mega self-confidence for the future. I missed the part earlier in the spring classics.” Anyone who thinks now, however, Küng would therefore, in the future of the tour of Flanders, Paris-Roubaix to Liege-Bastogne-Liege Cycling Monument after the other sack is on the wrong track. Of Cancellara is convinced. “A change of weather, other drivers, other Teams, other routes – there are so many factors that will differ from the world Cup. It is important that you give Stefan now air. For Fans, the Association, the media, and his Team is not to be Stefan to be a lot of pressure!”

And what should it be like that? Fear and worry Cancellara is not in any case. He can’t imagine that Küng could break mentally. “Stefan is no longer 20. He has experienced much, Good and Bad. All of this will help him now.”