Canada began considering the question of deportation of SS Oberlander

the Immigration authorities of Canada have begun the process of considering the deportation of Nazi collaborator Helmut Oberlander. Members of the Sonderkommando, a translator, in which he was, during the great Patriotic war killed in gas chambers more than two hundred children from Yeysk children’s home.

“This case is pending before the immigration division of Canada Council for refugees and immigration,” — said the representative of Department Anna Pape. At the moment, the deportation process is not running, reports TASS.

Previously the Investigative Committee of Russia opened a criminal case on the genocide, and in early February, 2020, has asked Canada to provide the materials of criminal cases against 96-year-old Oberlander. Before the canadian court revoked his citizenship due to the fact that he hid the fact of service in the Sonderkommando in obtaining canadian citizenship after the Second world war. For 12 years, the lawyers of Helmut Oberlander has won three in the court of appeal.

Oberlander does not deny that he served in death squads. He States that he is at the age of 17 years under pain of death, forced to serve. However, he emphasizes that he is not involved in the murder of people.