Liverpool FC can no longer become English champions on their own. To do this, coach Jürgen Klopp’s team needs support from Aston Villa to intercept Manchester City. But Villa’s coach still doesn’t want to call Klopp.

Liverpool need help: Before the 38th and final day of the Premier League, Liverpool FC must hope for the support of Aston Villa in order to still win the championship title. If coach Steven Gerrard’s team defy Manchester City’s draw away from home and Liverpool win against Wolverhampton at home, the LFC are champions.

No contact: Jürgen Klopp emphasizes that he will not contact Gerrard before the Aston Villa game in Manchester on Sunday: “No, of course not. Stevie is now preparing for Burnley who are fighting for everything. It is Villa’s last home game. They will play this game and then collect the bones and compete again on Sunday.”

No reason: Aston Villa still has to play at Burnley before the showdown at the weekend. With that, Klopp explicitly rejected rumors about a conversation with Liverpool legend Gerrard: “There is no reason to speak to him. We know that Villa wants to win after Villa. That’s all.”

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