No other object we carry around with us: Our mobile phone contains confidential information and reveals Private about us. Our Partner can be a Smartphone unlocked on the table, the temptation so great to take a look at it.

we Are honest – you were already tempted, once, to scroll briefly through the cell phone of your partner. Often such behavior is due to pure curiosity. If the significant other often has to work longer, it can happen that the Smartphone spying is based on jealousy. But is that really a reason to Snoop?

women more often than men

According to a recent study by Verivox and Parship every third woman has been sniffing ever the your partner’s cell phone is searched. By contrast, every fifth man admitted to have secretly a glance at the Smartphone of his loved one is thrown.

twelve percent of participants and seven percent of the participants, such behavior was already multiple times. One age group is particularly vulnerable: 34 percent of 40 – to 49-Year-olds have been spies around.

the end of the relationship?

In a relationship can be the snooping in the mobile phone of the other to a critical point. Finally, it demonstrates a breach of trust. Just the sole thought of it, to grab the Smartphone of a loved one, is a bad sign. Always be suspicious of breaking the partnership in the end.

Work on your jealousy and you talk with your Partner about your thoughts. A relationship should be based on trust – only in this way can also work.

she is the poison in of love: jealousy can destroy everything. When distrust dominates your relationship, you should take something pretty quickly.