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Steintrappa up to the top of the popular objective Reinebringen in Lofoten is not finished.

the Mountain has been the scene of several accidents, some of them with fatal outcomes .

Now Moskenes municipality received 900 000 nok in funding from the National turiststier to complete the sherpatrappa .

– It is fantastic, ” says the mayor of Moskenes municipality, Lillian Rasmussen.

the Goal is first and foremost to make your trip safer because the stones may loosen.

the Mayor of Moskenes, Lillian Rasmussen.

Photo: Benjamin Fredriksen / NRK

Miljødirektoratet had 12 million to distribute. Applications total beløpte 35 million.

do not Know when it can be completed in

With the money in place much is clear. Because of koronasituasjonen will not sherpaene from Nepal to Norway.

We will find out what opportunities we have over easter. We just have to wait and see until it becomes more normal conditions, also must the trail be built over when the sherpaene can come here, ” says Rasmussen.

In the steep terrain, it is easy to loosen the stones that tumble down at the head of them behind – if he doesn’t go in steintrappa.

Photo: Joe Valley / NRK

– Can’t someone else take over the work so that the trail will be completed before many begin to go on a trip?

– It is anbudsregler for public procurement the we must relate to. There are those who have received the tender that has the rights to perform the work.

the Company that got the tender, and who built the stairs to the now, is Stibyggjaren AS.

the Mayor has given priority to emergency preparedness, on the occasion of the koronasituasjonen now, and has so far not given priority to this matter.

But they 900.000 crowns should not only go to the stone staircase. In addition, they should provide better information to hikers, as well as better søppelhåndtering and parking.

Be up to the Reinebringen. You need javascript to see the video.

Join up to the Reinebringen.

Waiting several norwegians in the Lofoten islands, in the year

the Leader of the Lofoten Organized, Peter Andresen says that they expect fewer tourists in the year. Nevertheless, he believes it is important to complete the staircase.

The urgency to get it done. I can well imagine that it becomes a part of the Norwegian tourists in the Lofoten islands, in the year – and it is Reinebringen, the main attraction for many, ” he says.

Fortvilt mayor: – We can’t stand guard and keep them fixed rather

Even though he believes there are several hiking trails in the Lofoten islands, that have “a crying need” for funds to facilitation, he is happy Reinebringen had so much.

Reinebringen had the most visitors in the whole of the Lofoten islands in the last year. It is an exposed hike, and it is important that we can minimize the risk of stones that fall.

most of The hiking trails in Norway are normal paths, but it is in special situations and very steep terrain that Reinebringen that sherpatrapp is the safest option, believe Andresen.

Sherpatrappa will eventually go all the way from the bottom to the top of Reinebringen.

Photo: Marit Kolberg / NRK

Now the trail once finished, it is then as safe as it can be?

– You can never hedge your bets against accidents. All must be cautious and pay attention to the weather and conditions, ” says mayor Rasmussen, and adds:

– So it’s important that people actually use the stairs, and not go outside.

it Can be wise to set up sikkerhetsgjerder?

We shall not put up any fence. It will give a too great responsibility to those who have set it up. People have to go careful – there is a mountain, ” concludes the mayor.

NRK has not succeeded in getting in touch with the managing director for Stibyggjaren AS, in the Geirr Vetti.

Here builds sherpaer steinsti up to Keiservarden in Bodø. The workers from Nepal have built the many stone steps in Norway in the last years.

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