commuters who eat in the public TRANSPORT, the seats with bags blocking or listening to loud music, other passengers are often a thorn in the eye.

the so-called Mans spreading is apparently a Problem getting to a larger. Are meant to be men, take the train, Bus or Tram legs and this leg posture to the passengers next to you is a part of the seat mouth.

Wiener Linien announced this phenomenon of the fight. At least on Social Media.

“are you Sitting still or spreadest you been?”, ask the transport company on Twitter. To be posted on the Account four illustrations. To see three unwanted variants, and a recording that shows how to do it correctly. Is “zam be a man of honour, and shut your legs!”, the saying is this. The subject suggests: Due are held together legs would make for a better atmosphere among the commuters.

not A bigger campaign, it says, a spokesman to the news Agency APA. Posters and stickers would be sacrificed.

“men need space!”

The reactions of readers to the Post could not be more different. The obligations of the Vienna lines: “I find the action is right and important,” writes a User. “A society that no longer tells you that you should you Shit, consultation and advice on the upbringing of your parents has to do, has eggs. And all the reason to be,” says another.

Others, however, go on the barricades: “men need space. You have something between your feet! So it is, that’s why I’m how I want to,” writes a reader. A woman answers him: “I think it’s not so much a Problem of the male anatomy, but rather a Problem of male impressive manner. So according to the Motto, “look what I have for a mighty manhood, I’m the most potent bull in the barn”.”

“Declined to take the Thick, two seats in the claim!”

Some more other problems in the Viennese public TRANSPORT. “Taking care of you at times but to a beggar, teach people properly and get off,” writes a User. A other makes on the Luggage of the passengers to the attention of: “do you Share the Seating or she bagst have you been?”

in Turn, others feel through the images patronized. “Any other requests? Awesome, this calls for customized behavior. Individuality is not desirable and is to be branded as antisocial.”

Some of them reminds the poster of sexism and body shaming. “Please, declined to take the Thick, two seats in the claim. This can’t be good!” and “you Could make this Flyer, please be gender-neutral. Only men of such a behavior is under way, I think it is sexist.”

The Wiener Linien are trying to appease: “All must take care of each other and all is well.” (you)