For all that don’t follow Leonardo DiCaprio’s love life: The 22-year-old Camila Morrone is his girlfriend. And – a rarity for DiCaprio – for over a year. “He is now on the road, and I’m supposed to be with him, but …” The three dots stand for “I must sit with them in Beverly Hills and our Interview with the drum for my Film to stir.” Called “Mickey and the Bear”. Morrone plays in her first Hollywood starring role, the daughter of a post-traumatic Stress disorder, disturbed Ex-soldier.

VIEW: the roller Parallel to your Childhood?
Camila Morrone : do you Mean in the sense that it assumes as a Teenager more responsibility than you can handle?

My parents were very young when I came into the world. Since I had to give you as a child, sometimes advice. We have not talked about the things most Kids talk to their parents.

The movie has nothing to do with their own love story – young woman loves older man to do?
no, it has nothing to do with my love story, but I understand why the people that could be thinking about something.

you have posted on Instagram a picture of Lauren Bacall and Humphrey Bogart. Where the fraud of the age difference of 25 years.
has a lot of hit to high waves. I’m just a big Fan of both.

Hater have understood your picture-comment on “A love like this” as a nod to their relationship to DiCaprio and nasty comments posted.
I try not to read such things. The a with, whether you admit it or not. I can’t laugh about something like that.

Have you seen “Once Upon a Time in Hollywood”?
I Have. Overwhelming. Have you seen him? How was Leo? (doesn’t wait for an answer). I got him already two Times, and I am entranced.

Al Pacino’s in it, too. He was ten years old with her mother and is something of a stepfather. It helps you in acting?
I had never asked him a question. But, now when I get my first big role, I called him and said: “I have no idea what I should do.” Since he has read with me the script. It was pretty intimidating. His advice was not to take everything so seriously.

And DiCaprio ? He also gives tips?
(Grins) that’s a question I’ve seen come up. No, I separate work and relationship. But this Morning he wished me good luck.

Have you ever dreamed that a fairy Prince enters in your life, or you have been so educated that you don’t need a Prince?
it’s Neither. My parents are divorced, and I grew up in two households. The Illusion of eternal love was quickly gone. I always wanted to be independent, earn my own money and not depend on a man to be.

you are a successful Model. It is stressful to stay so slender?
Not for me. I eat a lot of Pasta and Pizza. In addition, I can cook. You should try my Spaghetti Pomodoro.

Like. You have a likeable personality.
even as a child, you called me a “Happy Baby”. Always laughing, always happy. The Film gets you in the same way as in the Model Business, so many Rebuffs, that’s why you must keep a positive attitude.

career or children?
I hope, a bit of both. Maybe a few kids and a lot of movies. On the other hand, I’ve been missing in my life is always one big family. I think you can have a husband and children and a great actress to be.

(Grins) You’re just a bit stressed and sleeping less.

Camila Morrone was born on 16. In June 1997, was born in Los Angeles, since 2006, and divorced parents to Model Maximo Morrone (47) and the Argentine actress Lucila Polak (43). She was the longtime girlfriend of Hollywood legend Al Pacino (79). Camila is also a Model and debuted as an actress in 2013 in the Film, “Bukowski” by James Franco (41). Your new movie, “Mickey and the Bear” by Annabelle Attanasio (26) is expected to be the end of the year in the Swiss cinemas.