Help proved to be very popular. According to the Main Department of social protection of the population of the region, 532 applications have been received to receive young cattle, 1365 – pigs. Families have already been transferred 143 476 calf and piglets.

the lives of the Tchaikovsky Family in the suburban village of Vedeno. Spouses Tatyana and Andrew have six children. Private farming is small – the cow and the calf. When I heard about the initiative of the authorities, decided a sin not to take advantage of this opportunity.

– We are going to buy another calf, but the money could not assemble: it costs about ten thousand rubles. And here is the help! – shared joy Tatiana.

And on a farmstead of the family two brothers Gavrilov swarming pigs. Take animals from local farmers.

I went to Shadrinsk on a pig farm for Piglet, – said the hostess Svetlana. Very good, strong podbroshennye pigs. It’s nice that support a large family, and most importantly – to arrange assistance to be convenient and fast, without excessive bureaucracy.

Applications for animals filed not only rural, but also urban residents from the private sector. According to the Deputy Director of the Kurgan centre for social assistance to families and children Irina Kazakova, the Commission approved 35 applications. 16 families joined the livestock of pigs, two families – the calves. 21 but the applicant refused.

– do Not come under the terms, – says Irina Kazakova. – One of the requirements for the animals should be near the house. And some wrote that they live in a comfortable apartment, and the pigs will keep on giving. So will not go. For each statement, the Commission went to the place, looking where to place the animals, and then made the decision.

the head of the Main Department of social protection of the population of the Kurgan region Yulia Kozlova emphasizes the money to buy calves and piglets allocated from the Fund of remuneration of employees of public authorities, that is, from the salaries of officials. Until October 1, all families whose applications are approved will receive the animals.

on October 1 in Kurgan region expect to distribute dairy cows. However, it is not free. Residents will be able to purchase them for 30 percent of the cost, the rest will reimburse the budget. So the authorities are going to revive the private farms (LPH), to take the villagers work to increase regional production of milk (last year the Urals provide themselves with such products only 89 percent). It is expected that the project will be joined cooperatives and farms. Their task is to organize the milk collection smallholders and its processing. Thus will be established the scheme of product sales. Prior to 1 September will pass farms to find out exactly how much families are willing to take cows.