as for “Politics” (The Politician) – the first season of the show was devoted to the school elections. It was in high school. But the series itself was drawn to the fact that in the elections of the President of the prestigious educational institutions for the rich (the town is not far from Santa Barbara), like a drop of water, reflected all the technology and the vicissitudes of this great campaign. Even all the characters are chosen so that for each there is a series of Association. In this series the viewer can learn how the candidates, image-makers, spin doctors and Yes PR too.

the Main role – a young man named Peyton – plays a familiar “voice is the Perfect” Ben Platt. The actor is at the peak of his career and demonstrates excellent form. Necessarily spend an analogy with the Ukrainian President, who has previously played the role in the acclaimed TV series “a servant of the people”. However, the series is well known by all Ryan Murphy. Recently the General public discussed the TV series “Hollywood” – which Murphy also had “a hand”. The main role in the TV series “Hollywood” plays David Corenzwit, and in the “Politics” Murphy also couldn’t do without the actor. Corenzwit in the “Politics” represents an alter ego, the soul and conscience of the protagonist – his beloved classmate who committed suicide, but, nevertheless, always near a potential President. And the appearance of this character makes a dramatic and even melodramatic notes in the tone of the series made in pamphleteering, satirical vein.

not to mention work in the “Politics” of Gwyneth Paltrow – she plays the mother of the main character Georgina. Vector the role it has, in principle, similar to pepper Potts in “Iron man,” but clearly the creators of the series intentional. Loyal, wise, loving woman. The main philosophical line in the series – in her actions and words. Paltrow isn’t the only superstar in the “Politics”. Bette Midler, Judith light, Jessica Lange, Jackie Hoffman – these stunning Actresses in the series seemed to give master class to young, as they say, “in the course of the play.”

Each of them in their role, be it Secretary, the candidates and the shadow cardinal or grandmother classmate plays with such dedication that even forget that I watch the show and not a feature film, where the world-famous actress will qualify for the highest award in the world. The second season of “Politician” on the elections already in real life. However, the transition from school elections to a great game made by the creators of the series is quite awkward, but as soon as you start the campaign, the viewer feels an employee of the headquarters of the protagonist, and is ready to go and vote… But only in the movies?

the TV Series “PR girl” (Flack) is very suitable for those who already saw the second season of “��olitika”, but wants to remain approximately the same sensations and emotions. Or Vice versa – after “PR girls” I wish “taste”, “Politics”. In order to make it clear to the Russian audience, will discuss about this show “on your toes” in the following way. It is as if the heroine Svetlana Khodchenkova of “house arrest” was placed in a separate series and would tell us about her everyday life. The main role in “the PR girl” is played by Anna Paquin. And each episode, in fact, is invisibly divided into three parts. Part one – how to come up with a PR stunt to pull another star from a situation in which she was in. Remember the blind Association of “house arrest”? In the “PR girl” stars get into trouble, as in life, with love Affairs, obscenity, drugs, alcohol and so on. And every time you need to turn all and to come up with a believable story to the public comfort, and the client to keep afloat. The motto of this series could put the phrase – no crystal Holy people, there are bad PR. But he has another slogan – “It’s not a scandal if no one else knew. By the way, if suddenly so happened that the heroine of “PR girls” have been placed in the show “Morning show”, they would have invented something to scandal shamelessly leading the morning news did not happen, but then we would not have such a terrific series.

the Second part of each series of the private life of the hapless PR girls, whose job takes away all time. And the third part is no less fascinating than the operation to rescue the image of star – relationships in the office. And often they are the highlight of the show, because here the game the main character is framed inflorescence of other Actresses – Sophie Okonedo, Genevieve Angelson and Rebecca Benson. Okonedo we know from “Doctor Who”, for example, Benson on “Game of thrones”, Angelson – on “the Good wife.” In this show they’re the boss, the colleague and the trainee, and all together – a team that the devil is able to give the image of the Saint. By the way, to make it clear to the Russian audience – explain that this part of the show like our “the Last Minister”. The scale and level the series – of course different, but the train of thought and narration have similar directions.

Because stories of stars, as well as stories of politicians, are never over – the creators of both shows – and “Politics”, and “PR girls” – found a bottomless well of stories. So the viewer is not only not surprised that both projects are likely to outlast the next seasons, but will take it for granted – just did it elegantly. And here it is necessary to focus on the fact that “Politician” – the American series, and the “PR girl” is a British. In this respect, the difference between them, as between American and British English. The fact that “Politics”, “is a frontal attack”, in the “PR girl” wrapped in a thin English ��Moore. That’s why is still recommended to watch two of these projects in addition to each other. They’re like two sides of the same – so familiar to all medals. Because every person in their particular family and a particular job one way or another involved in politics and public relations.