After the “Simpsons” fashion “racial justice” succumbed to the creators of another famous American animated series “family Guy.” There voice will change from a black character named Cleveland brown. The desire to give his place to the representative of the colored people of America said, and one of the Actresses voice the animated series “Central Park” Kristen bell. According to her, “the fact that the mixed race character is voiced by a white actress to undermine the very specificity of people of mixed race and the experience of black Americans.”

a Kind of fear of offending one or another national minority today, it seems, has literally infiltrated every area of American life. Under the hammer of the rebranding get even ordinary things such as eskimo ice cream, which the producers suddenly saw an insult to the indigenous peoples of Alaska and away from sin quickly decided to change it. Will change design and packaging of the rice brand Uncle Ben’s, where for decades the buyers were smiling famous all over the country the farmer is African-American. And most recently, the Association of realtors of Houston said it will no longer be used to refer to the main bedroom (in English “master bedroom”. – Approx. “RG”), the word master, as it can be translated as “master,” and this is referring to the slave period of American history. Now the master bedroom will be called primary bed-room.

However, a new view of their products and the result is not only an American company. Recently, this trend was joined by such cosmetic giants as L’oreal and Unilever. More on the packaging of their products you will not see the words “white”, “whitening”, “light”, “brightening” and the like. It largely concerns the means for skin care. It would seem that more than shows the solidarity of companies from the anti-racist movement. Nevertheless, fighters for the rights of colored people are still dissatisfied and accusing the Corporation of hypocrisy, urging all to stop selling tools, which make the skin bright and bleached. Especially as another well-known American cosmetics company Johnson & Johnson has already stopped the sale of such creams, which were previously delivered exclusively on the shelves in Asia, the middle East and India. The question is, will they follow the example of American colleagues, a representative of Unilever said that every year at least one lightening means buy about 300 million people. And the company would not like to after you stop the sales people began to seek unsafe alternatives, writes Forbes.

President of the United States Donald trump announced via Twitter on the victory over the vandals that destroy the monuments. “After the announcement about a very harsh 10-year prison term for vandals, defacing the monuments, statues etc., and after many arrests across the country, the vandalism has stopped completely. “Thank you!” – wrote trump. He signed last Friday a document in fact does not introduce any new rules, but only aims to strengthen the existing legislative acts, particularly the Act on protection of monuments of veterans. However, the decree of the President of the United States actually gives the attorney General to give maximum priority to the investigation and prosecution of those who desecrate under the protection of the state monuments. Indeed, the legislation provides for punishment of 10 years imprisonment for such acts.

the decree also stipulates that the jurisdiction of the United States and law enforcement States that allow the desecration of monuments on its territory will be limited to Federal grants. The administration of the trump in response to voiced by the activists of the movement “black Lives matter” plans to destroy all the statues of the “white” Jesus in advance of decided to protect from vandalism and religious monuments. “Now they (the vandals) look at Jesus Christ, they look at George Washington, they look at Abraham Lincoln, Thomas Jefferson. This (defilement) will not, will not, while I’m here,” previously wrote trump on Twitter. Therefore, in the separate document sounds the call for the strict prosecution of anyone caught in the attack, the demolition or desecration of images of Jesus or other religious figures and religious works of art.