Stories of people who woke up after a long coma and learned that the world around has changed.

“in a coma” — these words sound like a death sentence. But sometimes even after a long coma people come back to life. And are surprised to learn that the Soviet Union collapsed, they had grandchildren or that the world had coronavirus.

In the Central clinical hospital of President’s Affairs Administration of the Russian Federation in Moscow has told about an unusual “awakening”. Patient admitted for elective surgery in March, when the coronavirus and severe restrictions in the country have not even talked about. Coming out of the coma a few months, he was very surprised at how much the world has changed.

“the patient had a brain tumor that threatened his life, says neurosurgeon Andrew Reutov. In March he had an operation. The tumor has been completely removed. But after a week the patient is admitted to neiroreanimation: there has been a violation of cerebral circulation. Joined pneumonia. Therefore, we decided to immerse the patient in a medically-induced coma.”

Patient connected to a ventilator, fed through a tube. Doctors feared complications such as pneumonia started, possibly from COVID-19, but none of the tests confirmed their fears.

“We managed to stabilize him, but there was no contact. Breathing patient through a tube,” — says Andrey Reutov.

the Doctor remembers that the patient woke up suddenly. The man began to inquire of the doctor why not come to him wife, and was literally stunned by the fact that during his “sleep” in the world the rules have changed. And now due coronavirus imposed a ban on visit, all must wear masks and gloves and to observe the social distance.

“For me this situation (operation and subsequent developments — approx. ed.) is not unique, and the patient was not ready for such an eventuality, says neurosurgeon CDB Andrey Reutov. — In fact, people slept. Maybe we kept it this way?”.

Now the patient is preparing for discharge. If all goes well in the coming days he would go home.

Railroad Jan Grzebski from Poland fell into a coma in 1988. He had traumatic brain blunt-force trauma of the car wreck. Besides, it turned out that the man has a brain tumor. This combined injury led to heavy consequences in the form of a coma. The man at the time was 46 years, and the doctors did not give a comforting predictions. He said that if the patient and make it, it will remain in a vegetative state and will not last more than 3 years.

But fate had a otherwise. Ian was in a coma for 19 years and woke up, already being a grandfather of 11 grandchildren.

“When my family spoke to me, I actually heard them, but could not answer. I couldn’t send them a signal toyou tell them that I’m still alive,” — said in an interview with the Polish news channel TVN 24 Jan Grzebski in 2007.

a year later, in 2008, Yang Grabski died. The cause of death was a lesion in the brain.

“When I went into a coma, the store was only tea Yes vinegar, meat was rationed and there were huge petrol queues. Now I see people on the streets with cell phones, and in stores so many products that my head is spinning, said Yang Grzebski in numerous interviews that willingly handed out to journalists. — Why do people endlessly complain? I can’t complain”.

the Cases when people, having been in a coma, woke up in a completely different reality, rare, but it happens.

for Example, Terry Wallis from the United States has been in a coma for 19 years. He was in a car accident in 1984 when he was 19 years old. Almost a day he lay on the scene of the accident until he was found and not handed over to the medics.

Terry had been in a vegetative state until 2001. That’s when medical staff noticed he was trying to communicate with them using signs. But in the full consciousness of the young man did not return. Only in 2003, Wallis, who at that time was almost 38 years old, he spoke again. All the while nursed by his mother. And one day the nurse asked him who is this woman coming to him, he said, “Mom.” Terry believed that he still 20 years old and the calendar still 1984. He had no idea that in the world already have a smartphone, destroyed the Berlin wall, and President of the United States was George Bush.

Just three days after he came out of the coma, Terry re-learned how to walk, also met his daughter: she was born just 6 weeks before the accident.

According to the data published in open sources, Terry Wallis is still alive. 56. Despite the fact that he regained the ability to control some parts of his body and say it is invalid due injuries sustained during the accident.

12 years spent in locked-in syndrome Martin Pistorius. It is the condition when a man is trapped in his body, hears and understands, but looks completely indifferent to what is happening.

Publish from Martin Pistorius (@martinpistorius) 28 Mar 2019 9:36 PDT

the Tragedy happened when Martin was 12 years old. The yard was 1988. The Pistorius family lived in South Africa. Malaise Martin began suddenly. First a sore throat, then began to refuse his feet. The child couldn’t get out of bed, and later altogether ceased to make eye con��act. In the end, he fell into a coma.

“I was locked in his body, later told reporters Martin. — I was in the grave. I wanted to say but couldn’t. So I just screamed inside, but no one heard me. Life was torture. I realized that people perceive me as an idiot, but I couldn’t even Express the feelings that I was bursting”.

the Pistorius believes that he began to come to life at age 16 (around 1992), but my family still did not notice his attempts to communicate.

They found the nurse in the day hospital, where lay the young man. She sent him to the centre for alternative communication where he learned to communicate with the outside world with the help of computer programs.

having Mastered communication, Martin learned to write, read and even went to College.

Now he could move around in a wheelchair. In 2009, he married, and in 2018, became a father. About his life, he wrote the book “Boy Ghost”.

Publish from Martin Pistorius (@martinpistorius) 31 December 2019 4:59 PST

the cause of the disease doctors Martin and failed to install. But the most likely diagnosis, experts have called cryptococcal meningitis, which led to the inflammation of the meninges and spinal cord.

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