brings The stone rolling in the Causa “Federer” and the banks-access to his land, a certain K. D. on 21. July. With a request to the President of Rapperswil-Jona SG. In it, the Person calls that the Tennis Star makes it to his Area of the shore area accessible to the public.

Because the response of the authorities of the tags is true from his point of view, unsatisfactory, addressed to K. D. to the club, “Rives Publiques”, the commitment to public lake access. President Victor von Wartburg solves, therefore, for its part, on 12. August a request to the political authorities. To VIEW the 76-Year-old explains the backgrounds.

From the Wartburg: “K. D. is a Person from the Region of the city of St. Gallen and has nothing directly to do with the Federer property. But he wants to remain anonymous and approached us if we could help him. He is an extremely public shore accesses and ignore the fact that this is rarely the case.”

“it Was clear that we need to react,”

That, of all things, of the prominent and popular Tennis Star Federer, a plot of land with lake kick-off has acquired the club, “Rives Publiques” in the cards. Of Wartburg honest to the drum: “The hanger Roger Federer is definitely a positive for us and our concerns. As we are made of K. D.’s attention, it was quickly clear that we must respond.”

The discussion of free lake access employees Of Wartburg for over 15 years. The legal views and opinions on this diverge, in spite of court rulings to the level of the Federal court still. What is expected Of Wartburg from his Federer-action?

The Zurich, has lived for many years on lake Geneva responds: “of Course, it would be groundbreaking, if Federer would bring, to make its waterfront accessible to all. Maybe it would trigger many other Seeanstössern a rethink.”

security concerns are not a reason

With a prompt replica of the Tennis Maestros, or the St. Gallen authorities not attributed to Von Wartburg. “I doubt whether or that a quick reaction or response. I think this will now be first discussed between the city of Rapperswil-Jona in the Canton.”

For him, are also often expressed safety concerns of celebrities not an Argument that the shore area to the Public to withhold. If criminals were planning something, be it a lot easier to sail across the open water on the property, if this limit directly to the water.