On the Russian pharmaceutical market there are about 20 thousand names of medicines. DSM Group introduced a change of the index of medicinal basket. It is possible to judge about the dynamics of the cost of the 20 most popular drugs that during the year, are sold in more than 85 pharmacies from 100 (the representation above 85). In March-April this year, the cost of the “basket” of 20 suspension of the drugs rose sharply in March it has risen to 115 rubles, and in April another 193 rubles. As a result of its cost was 4650 rubles, which is 7 percent above the average in 2019.

In the year to March-April jump the price “baskets” has varied slightly in January 2019 top 20 most commonly used drugs cost 4325 rubles in January 2020 4341 ruble.

using the index drug basket in the DSM Group also identified the top five most “expensive” and most “cheap” regions according to the cost of drugs.

The high cost of the drug basket in the Chukotka AO – 5436 rubles, Kamchatka Krai – 5315 rubles, Magadan and Sakhalin regions – 5036 5013 and rubles, respectively, as well as in the Republic of Karelia – 4951 ruble.

Accordingly, the most affordable medications in the Astrakhan region – 4436 rubles, Tatarstan – 4430 roubles, Chuvash Republic and Samara region – 4424 of the ruble, as well as in the Ulyanovsk region – 4348 roubles.

In Moscow, the cost of the set of 20 drugs is 4761 ruble is 2.4 percentage points higher than the national average. In the ranking of the regions, Moscow is in 17 position.