Russian forward unmanned underwater swimming apparatus “Poseidon”, which is in April 2018 in the UK called the weapon “judgement day”, has “many advantages” compared to a submarine with the crew on Board, said to RIA Novosti military analyst Alexander Zhilin.

According to him, the torpedo “can constantly be on alert and to perform tasks at any time.” The commenter noted that the drones of this class “require great responsibility, because the control is via software”.

According to Zilina, possible risks in the operation “Poseidon” is small. “It is clear that there are certain risks, if, conventionally, hackers will try to take control. But, after talking with our engineers, designers, I came to the conclusion that protection from external interference is enormous,” said the commentator.

In may, RIA Novosti, citing a source in the military-industrial complex, said that “Poseidon” will be first launched in the fall of this year. Start to happen on Board the nuclear submarine “Belgorod”. The source added that the torpedo “assembled yet, are tests of individual components and assemblies”.