the Cost of heavy attack drones-70 “Hunter” will be about 1 billion rubles. According to experts, after launching mass production the price will reduce by 40-50% in comparison with the prototype.

the Most expensive component of “the Hunter” was a glider — it accounts for 45% of the total cost, which amounts to almost 600 million rubles. Another 240 million rubles is the cost of a jet engine.

According to the editor of the magazine “Arsenal Fatherland” Victor Murakhovski, the calculation of the value of prototypes in Russia, the market principle does not work, and the pricing is set by the law “On state defense order”.

“the Price is determined on the basis of the principle of cost recovery. To do this, set the planned profitability: above 20% in the brain of the executor (the person who rents the product of the Ministry of defense) and not more than 1% on a part (money paid to subcontractors)”, — he told “Izvestia”.

He noted that the cost of prototypes include research, experimental design work and preparation for the production launch of the series. Subsequently, all these costs are summed and divided by the number of products. In the end, prototypes are much more series.