American scientists have found that social distancing significantly slows down the spread of coronavirus, but does not reduce the number of new infections per day. The researchers ‘ findings published in the repository of preprints medRxiv.

According to the authors, measures of social distancing become visible after 12 days due to the incubation period of the virus and preparation of test results. Experts analyzed how changing the statistics of morbidity COVID-19, including a doubling of the number of cases in 50 States and Washington, DC. It turned out that the distancing significantly influenced the doubling of the number of cases, with the most dramatic changes were observed in the most affected States.

At the same time, measures of social exclusion has not led to a reduction in the number of registered infections per day. According to scientists, influence on morbidity may be provided by other measures, including contact tracing, the increase in the number of tests and the tightening of quarantine. The level of zarahemla also inevitably decline as more and more people will take the disease and become resistant to it.