California – number of dead in the case of forest fires increases In the vicinity of the village of Paradise were 14 more bodies recovered. US President, Donald Trump makes the authorities for the fire responsible. © Photo: Stephen Lam/Reuters

the devastating forest fires in the US state of California has increased the death toll to 25. In Northern California’s small town of Paradise, were first of all been Dead nine recovered. In the meantime, there were found 14 more bodies, authorities said. In the coastal town of Malibu near Los Angeles, two people were found dead. 110 people were recently listed as missing.

The more than 30,000-acre fire North of Sacramento adopted Paradise of catastrophic proportions. The flames destroyed the small town almost completely, as several eyewitnesses reported the New York Times. “Paradise does not exist anymore”, said the residents Rex Stewart. All 27,000 residents were asked to leave the city. Paradise is located 290 kilometres North-East of San Francisco. In spite of the great distance was up to San Francisco the smell of smoke.

so Far the fire around Paradise is curbed, according to the fire Department, only 20 per cent. With more than 6,000 homes destroyed, the fire is one catastrophe to the worst Wildfires in the history of the West coast state. Only two fires with more of the dead are known. In total, more than 200,000 people had to leave in California their homes.

Two more big fires to keep, as before, in the counties of Ventura and Los Angeles. There, the evacuation of 75,000 houses has been arranged. Also inhabitants of the well-known Pacific coastal town of Malibu were West evacuated from Los Angeles to the South of the Federal state. Is affected in the Region is also the place Thousands Oaks, the day before, a case of a crime of violence twelve people were died. In the area on the Northern edge of Los Angeles at least 150 houses were burned down, the fire Department, about 50,000 buildings were still in danger. In the waning days of winds, the firefighting teams, however, reported progress. The fire was contained to five per cent, it said.

state of emergency call, the US President criticized the forest authority

The California interim Governor Gavin Newsom areas called to the Fire a state of emergency. Schools closed, recreational activities and sports events were cancelled. Of 3,200 firefighters from several States are fighting the flames. Many people had to spend the night in their cars.

The energy provider, Pacific Gas & Electric co. has announced that immediately prior to the outbreak of the fire, problems with an electrical cable noted. Later, a damage to a transmission tower had been registered in the vicinity of Paradise. The fire Department has not determined the cause of the fire.

last year, a five-year drought was in California. Large parts of the Northern two-thirds of the state were abnormally dry, it said in an analysis of the U.S. government.

US President Donald Trump made the Californian authority, which oversees the forests for the fires. The only reason for the fires is the bad Management. On Twitter, he threatened to cut Federal funding if the fires were not cleared soon. The Association of firefighters in California (CPF) rejected the accusations. Trump had made a “uninformed political threat against the innocent victims of this devastating fire,” said Association chief Brian Rice. This is also an attack on the firefighters, currently, your life risk.