On a beautiful Saturday afternoon, in Pointe-Saint-Charles, the new and very pretty Café Cosé is overflowing with a colorful fauna: dynamic young joggers, fashion designers dressed like in a fashion show in Milan, Instagrammers documenting every bite of their lives , residents who take advantage of the new developments in their neighborhood. Something good is happening here!

It was a regular at the service, Joseph-Tuc Minh Nguyen, who opened this charming space bathed in light and good vibes. Before opening Cosé (a marriage of cozy and chatty), he worked in the dining room at Red Tiger and Caffè Misu du Tiramisu, in the Hampton Inn hotel, among other places.

As the lovely Center Street is dotted with several cafés that serve espresso-based classics (Bloom, Clarke, Florence, etc.), try the Vietnamese-inspired specialties, topped with egg or coconut cream. . It’s a snack in itself.

But if you’re still hungry, there’s a small menu here including breakfast sandwich, salad, yogurt-granola, pastries, etc. To discover, if you haven’t already!