On the court, you must show the enemy no emotions. “The power to be vulnerable.” Anyone who listens to the Genevan Caecilia Charbonnier, noted: Much of what you had in your youth years as one of the most promising athletes in the Switzerland is to acquire, can need the 37-Year-old for her second career as a business woman. Not in the cards look, is one of them. “On the Court, I seemed calm. Even in moments where I exploded on the inside, almost.”

she sits in the courtyard of the oldest building of your home town, the Maison Tavel. It belongs to the Musée d’art et d’histoire, in the visitors until the end of September in Geneva in the year 1846 will be able to dip thanks to a Virtual Reality Experience, the Charbonnier with one of their two companies has developed. The Tickets for the computer-generated tour of the goods within sold out in a week.

In the horse-drawn carriage through the Geneva, from 1846

participants look on a screen that you strap yourself into the Form of a blacked-out glasses before the eyes. Sensors on the hands and feet to ensure that the visitors move in this supposed reality, and you can feel it. You are sitting on a vibrating bench that simulates the Rumble of a Carriage and sees through the window of popular uprisings-stricken city pull over. Fans provide wind, scent diffusers make the burning barricades for the nose smelled. Who looks down at himself, imagines himself in a historical costume.

Charbonnier, PhD computer science, is in this type of entertainment on the front. In 2011, she founded, in Geneva, together with her boyfriend Sylvain Chagué, who is now her fiance, and a business partner, the Non-Profit company Artanim, which specializes in the development of digital motion capture. The so-called Motion Capture is the basis for the development of Virtual Reality worlds.

technology from Switzerland, content from the USA

At the Sundance Film Festival in Salt Lake City, Charbonnier and her Team developed the technology attracted a great deal of interest. Along with Walter Parkes, one of the most successful film producers, founded Charbonnier and her fiance, a further company, headquartered in the United States: Dreamscape Immersive. The Start-up specializes in entertainment in Virtual Reality area and employed at the headquarters in California 50 employees. In Switzerland, 18 people are the same for both companies. “We provide Software and technology, stories and content coming out of Los Angeles,” says Charbonnier.

Just Dreamscape Immersive has opened in addition to the digital dream worlds, a Los Angeles: In the Texan metropolis of Dallas, visitors to the North Park center, one of the largest Malls in the U.S. will be able to dive, for $ 20, virtually to Egypt.

Big Hollywood Studios such as 21st Century Fox have invested more than $ 40 million in Dreamscape Immersive, because you want to test Alternatives to the classic cinema experience and at the development of Motion Capture are interested. With this technology, human movements can be transferred to a fictitious computer characters.

So, films like the recently released Remake of the Disney classic “Aladdin”, in which Comic-book look of the characters as real actors arise. Charbonnier now meets regularly with Director Steven Spielberg (72), another shareholder of your company, for Business Meetings. “Steeween”, she calls him with her French accent.

The Tennis was your life in school

she grew up in the wealthy municipality of Cologny on lake Geneva in a medical family, wants to be a Doctor, loves Tennis and has enormous Talent. The Dutch Star Coach Eric van Harpen (75), who helped Patty Schnyder and Anna kournikova to success, to your.

in 1999, is Charbonnier, one of the greatest young hopes in Swiss Tennis, the fourth-ranked player in the country, and 256. in the ranking of the Women’s Tennis Association. In the same year, she played for the first time in the Fed Cup. The wars then, but with the athlete’s career. After a shoulder surgery, chronic pain, forcing the ambitious athlete with 18 to resign.

Proposes to you today anyway for the Fun of it a few balls? “Not as often as I would like,” says Charbonnier. If a working day in Switzerland comes to an end, your partners and employees on the US West coast in the first place and write first E-Mails. Before eight o’clock in the evening, she is rarely at home. “When I come to play tennis, I want to win, but still.” With your posture – shoulders forward – it looks ready to attack. As you would be taken constantly to have a Supplement to fend off.

Relax? You don’t know!

That Ex-Pro athletes reinvent themselves professionally, completely new, is not a matter of course. That you do not pursue an Academic career, first right. After a full day of Training Charbonnier boning up on as a Teenager, in the evening, for the Fernmatur. With eighteen and a half years at the University, she is the same age as all the other freshmen. “With the difference that my fellow students enjoyed during the school time, more free time than I do.”

she Felt no desire, simply sit back? “On the contrary,” says the business woman. If you put so much energy into something, and the Elevator will be forced just to simply relax. “Tennis, my life was school. Every day I had to appear on time on the Court and me through the Training bite. As this was impossible, I needed a new challenge.”

To study medicine, she had no more desire. “I had spent because of injuries to a lot of time at the doctor’s.” She begins to study in Geneva, computer science, is one of three women in her class. Her specialty is computer graphics, and how things in order for three-dimensional visualization.

professional Ballerinas as objects of investigation

For her doctoral work she studied the hip joints of professional Ballerinas, the suffering is mostly at a young age to osteoarthritis. The dancers are provided in the laboratory, with Sensors and dancing to the Computer. With the data of Charbonnier can understand what happens in the interior of the joints, which must bear the greatest burden.

Today, Charbonnier with people from Hollywood has to do. How does it feel for a Swiss academic with top-of-sports-past – among all the extroverted self-performers, of which abound in the movie business is the only way? “I feel creative people,” she says. She was even innovative, develop constantly new ideas. “I was once a professional tennis player, to colleagues. Americans are always up for a good Story.”

For women is the Start-up environment harder

Just as a woman, you don’t feel taken, sometimes, seriously. “If, in meetings of a technical Problem is discussed, are always all automatically to my fiance, even though I’m just as technically competent.” Thus, the less happens, the two now have different roles within the company.

The Start-up environment for women in General, harder, adds Charbonnier. “We are under-represented, because it is needed in the construction phase, a lot of staff from typical men’s domains, engineers for example.” If you feel in a session, invisible, would you wave at the loved one and call: “know but hot! I’m still here!” The are moments where you must remain cool – even though they exploded on the inside almost.