Cadets will not be able to participate in the Victory Parade in Voronezh

the Voronezh cadets will not be able to participate in the Victory Parade. This is due to the threat of coronavirus. In walking distance from the convoy had to go almost 3 thousand people. Now the number of participants will be reduced by 500 people.

the First came out of action yunarmeytsy, according to “News of Voronezh”. Even if the threat of the viral infection will go on recession, to prepare cadets for entry into the Parade just will not have time.

Meanwhile, preparations for the anniversary Parade is underway. At the airport in Baltimore have already begun combined rehearsal. Citizens will be able to see the General in the morning, runs 2 and 5 may. They will be held in the Central square of Voronezh, and on 7 may the final rehearsal will be held at the airport.

the Deputy chief of the air force Academy. Zhukovsky and Gagarin Alexander Nagalin said: “We went to the national commands of the States of the former Soviet Union, which, together with all reflect the aggression during the great Patriotic war. And received a positive opinion on the participation in the Parade. So to participate we will have nine States.”

Text: GTRK “Voronezh”