Cadets of military schools restricted the dismissal of coronavirus

“In order to protect the health of cadets, students of higher military educational establishments and of pupils of pre-University educational institutions by the Ministry of defence of the Russian Federation implements a complex of preventive measures to prevent emergence and spread of coronavirus infection, reported Wednesday in the military. In particular, for the abolition of inter-University events, practical training and internships outside the locations of the universities, as well as the maximum limit of layoffs of cadets and pupils with outside agencies”.

To protect the health of the pupils of pre-University institutions (the Suvorov and Nakhimov schools and cadet corps – approx. “RG”) curriculum. Spring break they will be cancelled, due to what the school year will end ahead of time.

Photo: STR / AFP In Russia because of the coronavirus cancelled all visits to colonies and SIZOs

At the same time, secondary and pre-school organizations under the jurisdiction of the Ministry of defense of Russia transferred to the regime of free visits (by the parents), and distance learning students. It is noted that “upon receipt of informed advice, territorial authorities and bodies of Rospotrebnadzor of the region data of subordinate educational institutions will be put into quarantine.”

Earlier Wednesday, the military reported that already implement a set of preventive measures “to prevent the emergence and spread of coronavirus infection among the military personnel, their families and civilian personnel.” While no cases of infection have not been recorded.

“In the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation formed the stock of essential medicines and drugs, as well as funds individualdual protection for the prompt provision of skilled care. In all health facilities of the Ministry of defense of the Russian Federation prepared by the special infections units and laboratories, in conjunction with local health agencies in the places of permanent deployment of troops,” – noted in the military establishment.

Photo: Mikhail Japaridze/TASS Scientist: Italian COVID-19 spreads faster Chinese

in addition, in all military units and formations of organized daily temperature measurement at the military personnel and civilian personnel with the use of telemetry devices, as well as interviewing all with the aim of early detection of infectious diseases. “Provides comprehensive informing of servicemen and members of their families on the prevention of acute respiratory infections and the importance of observing the rules of personal hygiene”, – concluded the Ministry of defence.