she is in isolation is singing, watching movie. He says that he loves the nature: to listen to the birds singing. She likes watching the flowers grow happiness snowdrops that bloom in early may. What’s your favorite flower from her garden – peony.

And yet the star loves crosswords. “Sometimes I resort to the dictionary, it is the best encyclopedia – says the singer. And of course, for solving a very important visual memory”.

For Mirelle we ordered quiz, and the organizers of the “Spasskaya tower” translated it, and forwarded to Paris. Of course, with a caveat: questions about who worked for her father than she did in 13 years, etc. – they’re for readers.

“Crossword puzzles is a great way to sharpen memory, says Mirelle. – Many questions in crossword puzzles again, which is good for memory, but there are complicated”. Difficult turned out to be two issues: No. 12 and No. 13. The rest – like seeds.

just Try and you.