As explained “RG” the representative of the Samara regional operator “Ekostroyresurs”, the average collection rate for garbage in the region in March for February was approximately 82%. Since the introduction of the regime of self-isolation, the collection rate decreased in April over March it was just over 60%. It is not excluded that in may collection of April, when the samarians already was sitting home will be reduced even more significantly.

however, over the last month the amount of MSW generated has increased by an average of 25%. In the Samara region resperator was forced to arrange additional flights to the addresses where containers are filled faster than usual. But problems with untimely export of MSW in Samara and in the whole region yet. Involved 700 units of special equipment (the cost of fuel and sanitation) and hundreds of people (salary). You also need to regularly pay off sorting stations and landfills. To save money on something will not work, because it is a single mechanism for the treatment of MSW. A failure in one place “chain” would lead to overcrowded containers. While resperator cope, hoping to help the industry at the Federal level.

In the days of “isolation” work for Ulyanovsk regional operators for garbage collection became more almost tripled. “We promonitorili the amount of waste, which in today’s environment is formed on the territory of the Ulyanovsk region. It increased by nearly 2.8 times. On behalf of the Ministry of nature and the cyclical economy of the Ulyanovsk region, the regional operators have adjusted the schedules of export of MSW, and also now associated specialized equipment to prevent the formation of piles and illegal dumps. The tariff increase will not result”, – said the acting Minister of nature and the cyclical economy of the region Gulnara Rakhmatullina.

In April in the amount of waste increased by 30%. As told the acting Director of the operator for the export of TKO Gorkomkhoz Dmitry Fatianov in this regard was amended schedules of waste disposal: a number of flights was increased and exhibited additional containers. “For the prevention of coronavirus infection all the equipment, capacity and sorting line are processed by special disinfectants. Garbage trucks disinfected on the outside are the Windows, body, wheels and interior are the elements, which often touches the driver. Sorting line is handled with a special solution, all employees are provided with PPE – masks, gloves, antiseptics. Offices and workplaces are also necessary disinfection”, he said.

Another regional operator, “UK Ekostandart” draws attention to the fact that the people taking out the trash, stopped to close the containers. This obyasnyat�� the reluctance of citizens to touch the containers. If it is closed, refuse is stored there or fill with a “cap” single open container. Wind, animals and birds very quickly spread in the waste of tens of meters around and cleaning and such territory becomes a duty not a regional operator and employees of a management company, TSZH or municipal enterprises for improvement.

“We understand the concern of people about their health and taken precautions – the Director of resperator Olga Maryeva. Now many people began to use disposable gloves, they can also be used by touching the lid of the container, or use a normal napkin. It is important to exclude the possibility of the spread of waste across the territory, in order not to worsen the epidemiological situation, and closed the lid of the container is playing its positive role.”

the company “EcoTechnologies”, which is the regional operator for the treatment of MSW in the Voronezh inter-municipal cluster (in Voronezh and neighboring areas), reported that at the end of April, the collection rate for garbage in the Voronezh cluster was 90%. “Since the introduction of the regime of isolation to change the amount of MSW has increased. Residents of Voronezh have started cleaning and repair, respectively, the volume of waste on container platforms has increased, the company explained. – No special problems with the export of TKO in this period arose. Difficulties still: parked cars that prevent passage, and unscrupulous adjustable debris that have not mastered the task to bring their waste to a container, and instead organize a dump on the ground. All this was observed a year ago, and two, and three. To deal with such problems help joint efforts of management companies, TSZH and city hall.”

In the Kaliningrad region there is only a slight decrease in collection rates, which did not affect the work of the regional operator for the handling of municipal solid wastes. This was reported in the regional Ministry of environment. Curiously, the experts in connection with the universal self-isolation predicted growth of volumes of exported waste. But for the Kaliningrad region this forecast did not materialize. In March and April, the region produced about 30 thousand tons of MSW, which is comparable to “dekorativnye” for months. But the redistribution of “junk” paths. More waste expected to accumulate near the apartment buildings, less – near of office buildings and on the grounds of legal entities.

According to Claudia Gurieva, Director of “Estrogen” (Krasnosulinskiy MEOC), resperator of the Rostov region, the company had to adjust schedules and routes of the garbage disposal. The fact that legal entity has closed the offices, and many businesses and shopping Pristanovila activity, and therefore the collection of debris is very low. In the residential sector, by contrast, the volume of garbage has increased because everyone is at home.

According to estimates, the population waste generation exceeds a similar indicator of last year by 20%. Also resperatory ascertain the fact of increasing the volume of bulky waste. The main problems facing reapiratory is the lack of spare parts for special equipment because of a stop of production and a shortage of working capital.

In the administration of Petrozavodsk city district believe that to 11 may during the long weekend in the city may increase the volume of garbage. Therefore, the regional operator has provided additional flights for export of municipal solid waste. The garbage is picked up in a timely manner.

as for payment of utility bills, with the March did not arise any problems. April will come a few days earlier. But the terms of payment will not change, exact date to be specified in the receipt.

the Utility explain: for the past two months, the enterprises have tightened security for workers and consumers. Staff was provided with all necessary means of protection, disinfection of facilities and vehicles, and water treatment facilities have strengthened the monitoring of water quality. Therefore, the utility asked residents to pay on time.

this work is continued in Syktyvkar. The regional operator for the handling of MSW participates in the harvest season. As noted by the first Deputy head of administration of Syktyvkar, this year the work of cleaning the city has acquired special urgency in connection with the implementation of measures to prevent the spread of coronavirus. “I am confident that public services will improve the agreement between the municipality and the regional operator about the support in the organization of collection and removal of garbage to the landfill by the joint forces,” – said the Deputy head of the administration Alexander Morehow.

the Municipality has transferred to the regional operator of the machine that are taken to the landfill the garbage collected. This technique is now freely goes to the landfill, but it is increased monitoring of imported waste.

in early April, the head of Prikamye Dmitry Makhonin requested the regional operator to exempt from the payment of services for garbage collection of honest businessmen. This is due to a sharp decline in revenue due to the closure of a number of institutions and regime isolation. The benefit extends to more than 14 thousand enterprises and individual entrepreneurs in the Perm region. In addition, residents of the Kama region now granted an extension for services in export of household waste from��eye for one year. Regional authorities stressed that the penalty for this period will not be charged. After the adoption of such measures, the collection rate was less, but exact figures are yet unknown because the bill for April, exhibited in late April – early may. With regard to the regularity of garbage collection, the isolation and other difficulties did not affected. Garbage trucks are also regularly work, no landfills in Perm and the region is not formed.

In St. Petersburg, the collection rate for garbage declined, but specific numbers will not be before mid-may, when all 49 municipal waste operators will sum up the end of the month. For garbage collection the residents of St. Petersburg paid by the General, so-called pink slips. In good months, the collection rate exceeds 95%. As St. Petersburg residents paid for utilities per month isolation still counting, but according to preliminary estimates, the collection rate fell by 40% minimum.

sue VCCP, which prints out a pink receipt, a month of self-isolation has relied on the explanation of remote payment methods. Also in the office doing the calculation that after the isolation of older citizens, which are not very friendly and can’t pay by card, you will be able to pay utility bills in person. Then maybe the figures will be correctively.

may 1 in St. Petersburg earned a few points offline utility bills. While garbage collection is in normal mode. Each operator has his own schedule. The beautification Committee requires the operators it is scrupulously followed. Individual complaints about the quality of garbage collection from citizens are received, but in General situations is no different from what it was before the period of self-isolation.

As reported in the municipality of Kostroma, with the beginning of spring and with the introduction of mode isolation the amount of garbage has increased significantly. To the city is not mired in waste, as it happened during the Christmas holidays, specialists of the Department of municipal inspections increased the number of raids. With the onset of heat the observance of the rules of beautification in the city to check on a daily basis. The results of the first examinations of officials amounted to 15 protocols on administrative offences. “Another nine persons responsible for the unsatisfactory state of container sites caused in the Management of municipal inspections for the adoption of procedural decisions,” – said at city hall.

However, in the vicinity of the regional center the situation is reversed. Despite a mandatory self-isolation, people are actively going out in nature, leaving behind a mountain of garbage. Especially a lot of complaints come from residents closest to Kostroma towns and villages. “The territory of the sites near the village of Kazanka in the village Yakovlevskoe not removed, mulitter scattered throughout the neighborhood. Take action! What citizens get paid? Before came the machine, the containers are loaded and working all by cleaned with a shovel” – outraged residents Shengenskogo rural settlement. According to residents, the roadside along the street in the Post Change turned into a dump.

In areas of Suhonogovo settlement, villages Alferovo and Runes beautiful forest turned into a spontaneous dump. A similar situation exists on the banks of the rivers Kostroma and Pokshi, chosen for recreation by fishermen and “cultural tourists” on the nature of the townspeople. In response to complaints in social networks, the authorities of Kostroma and Kostroma Raina asked residents to indicate the exact address of the landfill to the special service was able to remove them.

in Order to prevent further deterioration of the situation with the provision of utility services for the export of MSW, “REO”, in cooperation with the Ministry of environment has developed measures to support regional operators, two of which have already been approved by the government. The agreement also places a number of additional measures of support.

“REO” constantly conducts monitoring of the activities of reoperation through the work of the operational headquarters and through a specially created online resource “PPK Repertory”, in which currently enrolled 256 participants, representatives of stakeholders and regional operators. Already received more than 2.5 thousand reports from the regional operators. Among the most serious problems discussed by the participants of the market, the collection of payments, support of reoperation, tariff regulation.

in addition, as previously reported by the Ministry of environment, once a week face to face meetings oberstab in format of video conference, to discuss the measures already taken to support, develop methodologies, explaining what to do in any given situation, and on this basis prepare explanations the Ministry of natural resources not only for reoperation, but also for heads of constituent entities of the Russian Federation.